OneRare the first project to build food, game and NFT metaverse in the blockchain ecosystem, has announced collaborations with renowned chefs Arnold Poernomo, Saransh Goila and Jaimie Van Heije.

With this partnership, its revolutionary concept of the world’s first food metaverse on the blockchain has captured the attention of foodies worldwide. It will represent NFT chefs’ signature dishes and players will be able to claim these special artworks by collecting ingredients and playing the game.

Supreet Raju, co-founder, OneRare, said, “We are very excited to collaborate with the best forces in the Food & Beverage industry celebrity chef Arnold Poernomo, chef Saransh Goila, and chef Jaimie Van Heije. We would like to expand the idea of Foodverse with the help of these pioneers and celebrate their culinary journey as NFTs in the foodverse at a Global scale.”

With the rapidly growing reach of the blockchain, the chefs will get to interact with international audiences for the first time and introduce them to exciting culinary concepts from their part of the world.

With the recent successful fundraise of $2M from notable angels and the biggest funds in crypto, it is now ready to grow the foodverse. Its engaging gameplay brings the global food and beverage industry onto the blockchain for the first time, and keeping in mind the global appeal of Food, the project is striving to partner with top chefs from various countries to celebrate culinary delights from every corner of the world.

Poernomo said, “The success to my passion for the food industry and is now making his way to the blockchain to explore the new realms of Food. Food brings people together. Combined with metaverse and Onerare, the possibilities are endless and for sure delicious.”

Goila said, “From being a chef in my home kitchen to teaching and creating recipes virtually I’ve learned that food really has no boundaries. Super excited to explore this new chapter of food in the metaverse by OneRare. The fact that you can create your favourite recipes in the metaverse and own dish NFTs is fascinating for me. I’m really looking forward to showcasing my favourite dishes on OneRare, and hoping to make the metaverse a delicious space.”

Heije said, “I love to create the best dishes out of nearly nothing. “I’m very in love with the idea of OneRare, like there is a connection in my restaurant with the food and the client. There is also a connection between crypto, the food, and the beverage sector. I truly love the idea and I can’t wait to play.”


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