EXPORA is a tech-first B2B platform that was co-founded by Krushang Boria and Priyanka Shah in Mumbai in 2021. Having a presence in 3 different verticals that include fashion & textiles, gems & jewellery as well as food & agro commodities, food and agro commodities segment has been its primary focus. EXPORA has been engaged in import and export of a range of food and agro commodities, apart from offering end to end supply chain support for its clients that include manufacturers/suppliers and consumers in both the domestic as well as export markets.

In an exclusive interaction with Claus from Food Infotech, Sonia Nahar, Head of Brand Marketing, EXPORA spoke about their business that operates in 3 different verticals, namely fashion & textiles, gems & jewellery and food and agro commodities, EXPORA’S recent partnerships with businesses operating in the Agro & Food Industry, the recent challenges faced by businesses operating in the Food Industry and much more.

Edited Excerpts Below:

Q. Please begin by letting us know a little about EXPORA for us?

EXPORA is a B2B tech driven platform based out of Mumbai that was co-founded by Krushang Boria and Priyanka Shah in the year 2021. We are engaged in both imports and exports of a range of food and agro commodities and our aim and focus has been to simplify and grow global trade. Our offices are located in Mumbai, Dubai and New Jersey. While agro and food segment have been our main focus, we’ve also been operating across different categories that include fashion & textiles, gems & jewellery, etc.

Q. Could you please let us know about the business activities of EXPORA, particularly in the agro and food vertical?

White basmati rice steamed rice

From our agro and food vertical, we have been working on an entire range of commodities that include rice, spices, herbs and pulses. We have partnered with at least 20 brands and have been marketing close to 20+ different varieties of rice that include both basmati and non-basmati varieties. Moreover, we have also been doing private labelling. We have our presence in various markets across the globe, which include markets in GCC, United Kingdom, Australia, Africa and South East Asia. We have been providing all the necessary assistance and support to our clients to ensure that these brands that we’ve been working for go global.

Q. Any recent partnerships that EXPORA has entered into in the recent past?

Recently, from our agro and food vertical, we’ve entered into a partnership with a couple of players who have been operating in the Food Industry. We have partnered with Marias for marketing and distributing their pickles, sauces, pastes, coconut powder, etc. across the globe where we are having a presence today. We have also partnered with a couple of other players for commodities, entire range of perishable products, etc. in both the Domestic as well as Global Markets.

Q. Would you tell us a little on any of EXPORA’S strategies to grow its business recently?

We’ve been focussing our efforts to cover as many markets as possible and have been sourcing out commodities from different parts of the country and exporting the commodities across different parts of the world. Over the last year, we have been able to understand operational and compliance hassles and brought efficiencies with our technology. We are also in the process of developing our In-House Tech Platform to resolve the issues faced by sellers and buyers across the globe, developing an in-depth understanding of the markets and the products within those markets.

Q. Currently, from how many states in India have you been sourcing the food and agro commodities?

We have been sourcing different types of commodities pan India. Today, we have on-boarded at least 100 commodities. For instance, when it comes to rice, we handle different varieties of rice such as South Indian and North Indian rice, apart from sourcing other commodities such as spices, herbs, etc.

Q. How many markets across the globe have you planned to cover in the coming days?

We are keen to cover different markets across the globe, particularly the USA, Canada, including the Middle East, particularly in Saudi Arabia. We also want to expand our presence further in Australia.

Q. A bit on EXPORA’S role in solving some of the various challenges being faced by manufacturers/suppliers/consumers in the Industry?

We have basically been trying to work towards overcoming some of the challenges faced by our clients that include suppliers/manufacturers as well as consumers that are spread across different parts of the world. When it comes to problems faced by suppliers, they have been unable to expand into newer geographies, due to various reasons that may include issues associated with documentation, their inability to connect with the right set of people, lack of capital, lack of infrastructure, including for many other reasons. We have actually stepped in to solve such problems faced by the manufacturers/suppliers.

Various Indian Spices - Seasonings Table

When it comes to buyer side challenges, they face problems in being unable to identify the right set of products, including problems connected to delivery, quality, etc. This is where EXPORA steps in to provide the required support and assistance to our clients from different parts of the globe, wherever we have a presence, to help them overcome such challenges. Being an importer ourselves, we are also in the process of importing a couple of products and also plan to scale up our business in different parts of the world in the coming days.

Q. What can we expect to hear from EXPORA in the coming days?

We are working to expand our presence further to cover more regions across the globe. For this purpose, we are working to bring more brands on board. We also plan to offer assistance and support to more and more number of small manufacturers/exporters in India, so that they would also be able to go global.

Irrespective of their size, we aim to help brands, manufacturers and exporters that have been struggling to scale up their businesses to market their products globally, by providing them with all the assistance and support for the entire process that includes certification, transportation, documentation, etc. Further, once the brands launch their products into any new market, we also offer assistance and branding support to help them market their products in such market. Therefore, EXPORA intends to offer end to end supply chain support for our clients in both the Domestic as well as Export Markets.


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