In a recent interview between Michelle Dennis, a journalist from Food Infotech, and Mr. Pradeep Jha, co-founder of Munnuji Foods International Pvt Ltd., he offered valuable insights into the company’s collaboration with Marines Canning Industries and its strategic approach to the global fish export market.

Q1. Can you provide more comprehensive insights into Munnuji Foods and its collaborative venture with Marines Canning Industries?

Munnuji Foods International Private Limited, a venture founded by Pradeep Jha and Sabita Jha, operates as a prominent merchant exporter in an exclusive partnership with Marines Canning Industries, a distinguished manufacturing plant specializing in the production of high-quality food products.

While Marines Canning Industries concentrates on the manufacturing aspect, Munnuji Foods assumes the pivotal role of overseeing and managing the exportation of its meticulously crafted products, establishing itself as the sole and strategic export partner.

2. Where is the company headquartered, and does it boast a global presence?

Presently, our operational hub is located in Ranchi, Jharkhand, underscoring our commitment to the region. As of now, Munnuji Foods primarily operates within the borders of India, with future expansion plans strategically in consideration.

3. Does Munnuji Foods actively engage in the export business?

Yes, Munnuji Foods focuses on the export of fish products meticulously manufactured by Marines Canning Industries, ensuring a streamlined and specialized approach to the international market.

4. Could you provide a more detailed elaboration on the certifications crucial to your business operations?

Our commitment to quality and compliance is underscored by an array of certifications, including FSSAI, ISO, GNP, MSME, and our active affiliation with the prestigious Marines Product Export

5. Can you delve further into the journey of Munnuji Foods International Private Ltd?

Founded in 2022 upon our return from a 22-year stint in Thailand, where we were actively involved in the export of canned fish, Munnuji Foods responded to India’s burgeoning emphasis on exports since 2014. The meticulous selection of Marines Canning Industries as our manufacturing partner initiated a comprehensive registration process, culminating in its successful completion within the last 3-4 months.

6. How has your extensive experience in the fish export industry in Thailand influenced and shaped your venture in the Indian market?

Drawing from our two-decade-long expertise in Thailand, renowned as the global leader in canned fish exports, we have discerned that Indian products offer superior quality and competitive pricing. This knowledge forms the backbone of our contribution to India’s export initiatives, complemented by a dedicated team of specialists based in Ranchi, strategically navigating diverse international markets.

7. Why is Munnuji Foods not currently exporting to the U.S. and EU markets?

The decision to refrain from exporting to the U.S. and EU is driven by the stringent certification standards and specific clauses inherent in these markets. Although currently not engaged in these regions, we are actively and earnestly working towards meeting these rigorous standards, recognizing the immense market opportunities they present.

8. Can you furnish additional details on the countries where Munnuji Foods currently exports fish?

Our fish exports span a global footprint, encompassing diverse regions such as Asia, the Middle East, East Asia, Central American Island countries, South American countries, and Africa. This geographical diversity reflects our commitment to catering to a wide array of international markets.


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