The  Founder  and  CEO  of  Evirocor, Richard Gardiner, an engineer, inventor and industrialist with 35 years of experience truly lives by this adage. Richard’s venture into sustainable packaging through his new Oko material development has now opened new horizons for using earth-friendly  technologies  and  materials. The new Oko material is fully biodegradable and recyclable and actually leaves a lighter carbon footprint on our environment.

Evirocor has developed and patented machines that produce Oko, a supreme quality, environment-friendly, aesthetically pleasing bio-packaging material.

Product Innovation AwardLondon Excel 2019 is a living testimony to Evirocor’s efforts in the field of the sustainable food packaging. Today, the brand name Oko stands for excellence and represents food packaging products and E-packaging products that are exquisite, biodegradable and eco-friendly as well.

Product Innovation Awards, United Kingdom
Product Innovation Awards, United Kingdom

In the plastic saturated market, customers are exploring eco-friendly options. There is an increased awareness towards climate change & accelerated depletion of natural resources.

Changing customer behaviour

Customers are increasingly demanding more environmentally friendly and socially responsible products and services. By showcasing oneself as a responsible organization can have a huge impact on their brand image and value chain. This is pushing companies and their supply chain that aren’t organized to be environmentally and socially responsible.

Technological advancements

Innovative technologies and digital tools are now spearheading the manufacturing processes. This suggests that technological advancements are currently opening new avenues for businesses to innovate and explore options that weren’t previously viable. The paucity of resources has led to increased price volatility and stricter environmental standards.

Increased awareness

Increased awareness towards climate change has led organizations to transition from traditional business models to more sustainable business models. The former model creates huge waste, depletes resources and lacks efficiency, whereas the latter judiciously uses the finite resources available, maximizes process efficiencies and the recovery of by-products & wastes.

Although, circular economy existed in the industry, it had been majorly driven by the corporate social responsibility initiatives of the organizations. Changes  in  the  mindset  has already begun and now companies perceive it as a source of competitive advantage and vital for brand building.

A humble beginning

Evirocor Packaging was incorporated in 2014 to produce a unique type of corrugated board material. This new packaging material has been patented and was manufactured first in India in the city of Bengaluru. It was branded as Oko. It is a new and a revolutionary packaging medium, which has been developed over many years. It is 100% earth-friendly biodegradable, home-compostable and recyclable.

Oko Boxes
Oko Boxes

Oko food packaging can replace many types of single-use food packaging materials which are damaging nature and the environment. Evirocor with its patented manufacturing technology creates a unique water-tight food-friendly packaging material that is superior to plastics, aluminium foil and having paper durability, strength, insulation and visual impact.

Oko Boxes with Food
Oko Boxes with Food

The Cortec Revolution

The Cortec-Revolution paper system manufactures the material used in the production of Oko products. It is one of the most environmentally friendly paper corrugating systems. The Cortec-Revolution utilizes the patented technologies, processes and designs which need no heat, thereby eliminating CO2 emissions for each ton of material by up to 95%, when compared to the common corrugated board manufacturers. Zero heat input is a revolutionary patented technology that drastically reduces CO2 emissions.

One of the unique features of the Cortec-Revolution of Evirocor is that it produces a V-shaped flute corrugated board, which is referred to as V- Strong Flute. The flute shape, which is stronger than the traditional arched shaped corrugated board flute is folded at ultra-high speed. By folding the flute, Evirocor has been able to significantly reduce system engineering and size, as compared to the traditional corrugating machines. Cortec-Revolution is incredibly compact, mobile and can be built into 40-foot shipping containers for hole in the wall supply to customers.

The Cortec-Revolution System
The Cortec-Revolution System

Oko food packaging employs ultrasonic sealing methods. In this method, the heat required for sealing is generated inside sealing layers, as a result of frictional heat produced by ultrasonic vibrations. High-frequency mechanical vibrations create an instant bond between materials to seal Oko packs along joints and corners making the connections watertight.

Oko - (Ready Meal Tray) & (Pizza Boxes)
Oko – (Ready Meal Tray) & (Pizza Boxes)

Carbon Foot Print 

Evirocor’s system is also the greener choice, as its production process creates 95% less CO2 emissions per saleable tonne than a traditional corrugated board.

Traditional corrugated board manufacturing systems produce around 400 kg of CO2 emissions per saleable tonne of board. Oko production emits 17KG per saleable ton, a 95% reduction. Oko also eliminates around 92% of logistical energy.

Oko – a variety of products

The fluted structure of the external surface of Oko food packaging reduces human contact to approximately 15% of other flat surfaced packaging products, thereby substantially reducing the possibility of COVID transmission.

Oko - (Salad Box) & (Classic Carry Hamper)
Oko – (Salad Box) & (Classic Carry Hamper)

Oko offers its customers a plethora of food packaging products and E-packaging products to choose from as per their needs:

Salad containers, burger boxes, pizza and paratha boxes, thali packs, hinged lid packs, ready meal trays, dry & wet food containers are among the products having widest sales. Oko E-Packaging includes tamper-proof safepouches, eco-friendly cello tapes, cartons and more.

Oko - (Safe Pouch) & (Shipping Boxes)
Oko – (Safe Pouch) & (Shipping Boxes)

An Insight

Your  food  packaging  is  a  reflection  of  your  brand.  If  you value sustainability and want to show that to your customers, communicate sustainability by choosing home compostable materials, earth-coloured graphics and zero plastic usage.

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