EVET, the integrated electric mobility, charging and technology vertical of Magenta, has entered into strategic partnerships with prominent companies in the food industry – Elior India, SPRINK Kinematic FoodTech, Kadambass hospitality, and Foodieverse, to use EVET electric fleet for food delivery.

According to the media reports – the collaboration also marks EVET’s debut into mid-mile deliveries, furthering the electrification of mobility in the food delivery business, which includes food industrial/corporate catering, cloud kitchens, bakeries, and so on.

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The partnership with these companies in the food industry, starting with Bengaluru, will be expanded to other cities in the coming months. The company currently operates last-mile deliveries for e-commerce delivery businesses.

EVET commits to make commercial deliveries spanning over a million kilometres per month through EVs by 2023. The company currently operates last-mile deliveries for leading ecommerce delivery businesses. This is a concerted effort to operate more sustainably, go pollution-free and contribute towards the creation of a robust EV ecosystem.

EVET has deployed electric three wheelers with larger loading capacity & DC fast charging capabilities to ensure maximum utilisation of the vehicles by the clients. Also, the AI & IOT enabled EVET Fleet runs on in-house designed EVET’s proprietary Fleet Management System that provides real-time data for track and trace, dedicated service support, and operational enablement. EVET also invests in regular driver training and certification programmes supported by local RTOs.

“We are delighted to have collaborated and entered into the food delivery space using electric vehicles, where food safety and delivery compliances is paramount. Deliveries on EVs will reduce the cost of running delivery trucks by up to 20-40 percent , benefiting our various partners with larger pay-outs. We have deployed around 100 EVET Vehicles for food delivery along with the prerequisite charging network and are seeking to enhance this to 600 EVET vehicles in upcoming months only in the food delivery segment.” stated Darryl Dias, co-founder of Magenta.

David Edward Raj, Director – Operations & Innovation, Elior commented “Our company has taken an initiative for increasing EV vehicle usage in staggered manner to delivering the food to client location and reduced 1000 kgs of carbon emissions during 1st quarter of FY 2022.”

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Furthermore, Abhishek Mandal, Co-Founder and COO, SPRINK, said “By partnering with EVET in December last year we were able to transition 70 percent of our vehicles to electric and we are on track to convert 100 percent in the next 3 months.”


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