Originally a Pulses Producer, ETG Agro has now ventured into nut processing business. New foray is a viable and enormous product line is about B2C nut business which will be supporting the needs of the wonder seeds. New plant has come up as a 10,000 tonne nut processing plant in Kheda district of Gujarat creating 100 jobs. Apart from processing almond, walnuts, pistachios and cashews the company in the coming year aims to manufacture nuts ingredients meant for sweets, biscuits, ice-creams and other user industries.

Company has envisioned around 8,000 Tonnes of nuts sale in present FY. Parage Gadre, CEO, ETG Agro India said. The plant’s processing capacity is over 10,000 tonne raw almonds per annum which will soon expand to walnuts, pistachios, and cashews. “Presently we are observing some interesting trends in consumption of staples and overall snacking at home. Consumers across demographics and age groups are exercising increasing health consciousness, including mental health while making choices for bites at home.

ETG PRO Nuts plant aims to deliver pure and hygienic nuts to the consumer while being a solid partner to India’s nuts traders and institutional buyers,” he said.

Company will be taking inputs of smaller nuts from local farmers giving incentives and almonds from the global hotspots of Australia and California.

In India per capita consumption of nuts is 60-70gm per annum, while in the global market consumption is over 550g per annum.

According to Parag Gadre, the company’s long term strategic business plan is to diversify into growing foods, commodities, value added processed staples, plant-based protein applications and ingredients. And in near future, the plant also aims to produce nuts ingredients meant for sweets, biscuits, ice-creams, and other user industries.
Company has already sourced in human skills of 100 people and aims to induct 300 women labour force soon.


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