About two years ago, Laïta introduced ESI Nutrition to unify all its health and nutrition activities under a single banner in an endeavor to frame synergies between existing structures and to make communication more simplified.

Mathieu Lucot, marketing manager at Laïta Nutrition stated- “This new division was started with the target to spraed global awareness around the new ‘brand’ and its premium ready-to-market nutrition-oriented products. With streamlined procedures, a devoted team, and some improved marketing attempts, over two years we were able to spike up the ESI Nutrition’s visibility massively.”

Nutrition is one of the four main markets of the company. Currently, in order to take its nutrition business to the next level, the company planned to alter the banner liked with this market and call it ‘Laïta Nutrition’. It will rationalize communication, improve visibility, and strengthen its position as a global B to B leader in the enormously demanding market of medical, infant, and adult diet nutrition.

“This change originates from the desire to bolster our brand as a leader in creating and providing high quality, ready-to-use, bespoke nutritional solutions with our customers’ branding, for all areas of the health and nutrition market. We are dedicated to support brands and help them in gaining an edge in these highly demanding markets, not only with our offerings but also by delivering one-on-one support to set them apart from the competition and accomplish a lowered time-to-market for their newest products,” asserted Lucot.

“We are really thrilled about this modulation which showcases a tactical milepost in our attempts to better assist nutrition brands in their new growths” added Lucot.


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