Mumbai’s latest pizza chain – TAP (The Art of Pizza), is a premium pizza brand located in Ville Parle that gives rise to global flavours on the pizza ‘canvas’ with its innovative and uncommon toppings.

The pizzas are prepared with the best choice ingredients such as high-protein Italian flour, Italian tomatoes, protein-rich vegetable toppings and all-natural mozzarella cheese.

The Art of PizzaThe brand presently delivers from kitchens at Fort, Parel, and Juhu, with two new outlets being planned to be launched in Powai and Bandra.

Along with a picking and choosing range of 100% vegetarian pizzas, the brand also provides peculiar mock meat options for fervid meat eaters. Their menu also has three ‘zero chicken’ pizzas that are green and yet deliver on the texture and flavour that the meat eaters have a fondness for.

Yadika Sharma, co-founder of The Art of Pizza asserted- “Our all veg menu aims to bring compassion and creativity together. We’ve partnered with some of the leading plant-protein companies to pioneer 3 mock meat pizzas that gratify our meat-loving mates’.

Sharma has also founded and currently runs Mumbai’s first pet bakery, The Spoilt Brat Barkery, for the past 8 years.

“My husband and I have loved to travel extensively. Pizza is the most globally embraced food and we’ve always found it fascinating how each country brings its unique flavours on this canvas! Pizza is the perfect fusion food – creative and comforting. We hence wanted to take a stab at this fusion and deliver some creative yet appetizing masterpieces,” she further said.

The brand’s mission is to set up 15 outlets by the next month and deliver from 50 locations across the nation by the end of 2021.


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