Elanpro, India’s leading commercial refrigeration company, showcased latest innovation from its safe and sustainable refrigeration and cold chain portfolio at this year’s Indian Ice Cream Congress and Expo. The 11th edition of ‘Indian Ice Cream Congress & Expo’ (IICE) was held from September 13th to 15th, 2023 in Kolkata.

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Reinforcing its continued commitment to modernization, the company introduced its customers to recent launches including energy efficient, cost-effective solutions such as Elanpro Soft Serve Dispenser and Elanpro Scooping Parlour that create a real impact in showcase and sale of frozen treats.

Elanpro Soft Serve dispenser – D520 combines accurate engineering, intelligent controls, and unparalleled convenience to bring a new level of excellence to frozen dessert creations. Equipped with powerful Intelli Control technology and night mode, these ice cream dispensers mitigate challenges such as limited production capacity, inconsistent product quality and lack of efficiency and hygiene.

Elanpro’s contemporary Scooping Parlour provides a flexible way to optimize display and increase ROI. A thoughtfully designed product, it offers an effective display and storage of upto twelve flavours at a temperature range of -16 to – 24 degree Celsius. From flavour alternatives to temperature monitoring, the product ensures quality, durability, consistency and an aesthetic impact to the upbeat market.

Designed to maximize power conservation and enhance durability, Elanpro products are reliable and easy to maintain product. Catering to different budgets and purpose, these products are an essential tool for every commercial set up such as Ice Cream parlours, coffee shops, hotel buffets, QSRs, food trucks and kiosks, banquet halls and retail stores.

Shashank Joshi - Director - Elanpro
Shashank Joshi, Director, ELANPRO

Shashank Joshi, Director, Elanpro stated – “Our unwavering commitment to accommodate the distinctive requirements of businesses in the Ice Cream industry has made us a dependable ally for the Ice Cream manufacturers, suppliers and sellers.

“It was a delight to participate in IICE as it presented an ideal opportunity to engage with industry professionals.”

Elanpro’s product range provides safe storage and handling of temperature-sensitive preparations in the appropriate optimum conditions without any risks. The company will be exhibiting a number an array of products that help save energy, time and money.


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