Elanpro, ( Elan Professional Appliances Private Limited) connoisseur for the tailored services has re-invented its brand with new tagline, moto and logo in a first since past 11 years. With re-invented logo having a showcase of all the products it encompasses is going to add substantial vigour to the group.

The new logo provides a definite power to the brand. Offering the best solutions in product manufacturing and supplying under one roof is symbolises by roof-shaped bold letter ‘A’ in the logo. The same letter pointing upward with its peak illustrates the progress of the company. Also, the letter ‘A’ is extended on both the sides which signifies the objective of growth. The colour combination used in the logo personifies brand traits like reliability, safety, elegance, trust, and establishing a connection with the operating industry. The font represents that we stand tall and establish authority and positioning of experts in the market.

Newly defined logo includes a bold tagline ‘The Commercial Refrigeration Experts’,depicting the strong intent of company delivering best and innovative services for its patrons.

Ranjan Jain, managing director, Elanpro, said, “Being one of the key differentiators in the industry, we stepped forward to redefine our brand positioning. Built on three strategies – offering innovative and transformative products, excellent customer services and upholding trust among its stakeholders, we at Elanpro evolved our vision and mission and redesigned the logo. The newly created logo along with its tagline is synchronised with our defined brand positioning. With expanding our presence in all the major cities and developing an impressive infrastructure and offerings to our end customers, we look forward to establish and sustain our brand identity for a longer term.”

Introducing new COVID Vaccine Portable freezers, Elanpro is determined for expansion of its portfolio entering Pharma and pharmaceutical supply chain support system’s portfolio. With re-invented logo and tagline and rebranding that elates the company to work more and expand more.


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