Eggoz, a four-year-old IIT alumni initiated poultry value-added business, has engineered an asset-light model for the egg farmers.

The Eggoz company has typified that poultry farming with the assistance of technology can make sure that the small and medium farmers enter into the main stream of poultry. The farmers are on-boarded into this streamlined programme where they are provided with technical and veterinarian advisory support, backed with IoT (Internet of Things) based tech backend.

“This model helps many rural farmers to get into egg farming by making their capex entry barriers very low,” informed Abhishek Negi, co-founder, Eggoz.

The start-up has victoriously assisted rural farmers to get an increment in their revenue by twice with the aid of its proprietary model. It guarantees to buy off whole of the produce of farmers by making direct payments into their accounts.

It has created a farm management app, which makes the farms smarter with IoT sensors that capture environmental data. It is also in the course of patenting its cost-efficacious farm management technology. Also, it is in the plan of using the huge data that is received at both farm and flock levels to make appropriate predictions using artificial intelligence.

The company offers nutritionally balanced, herbal feed and health supplements that don’t contain DDGS (Distiller’s Dried Grains with Solubles) or any other detrimental chemicals for healthier birds and better ‘feed conversion’ metrics.

“We believe that the better the health of the birds, the better the yield, and the happier the hens and farmers are. We believe in supporting all farmers with flock sizes as low as 250-1000 hens also,” stated Negi.

Talking baout how important is the need for the date of expiry for eggs, Negi mentioned- “FSSAI mandates a set of rules for all packaged products, which includes packaging date and an expiry date for packaged eggs category. “But they don’t have a specific set of regulations for selling eggs. Anybody can sell eggs in the open without an expiry date.”

He further said- “But FSSAI also doesn’t have any grading pattern for eggs nor mandates that all eggs should have a stamp or sticker like in the West. Most of these branded eggs are collected from faraway farms after laying and are stored in a warehouse for days together before its packaged. By the time it reaches an urban consumer, it’s at least 10-12 days old and loses all its nutritional value.”

Whereas, the company packages its eggs within 36 hours of laying and ensures that the eggs are replaced in the stores every 7 days, so as to deliver fresh eggs to the customers with all their nutritional value from their closest farms, just like milk.


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