Maharashtra can get ready for a comeback of craft beer with Effingut Breweries’ retail craft beer chain Effingut 2 Go – an exhaustive retail pour-house concept supported by brewer-owner Manu Gulati. The brand has installed two outlets in Mumbai and Pune each followed by further plans to open 12 more outlets within next 6 months not only within these two cities but also in others.

This will make the brand come up as India’s first and fastest-growing retail craft beer chain to post-lockdown, despite the threat the industry came across just a few months ago. The brand’s offerings will now separately be placed in two classes – the larger brewpubs with a more diverse offering and the retail-oriented offering.

Manu Gulati, founder, Effingut Breweries, stated- “Our industry has experienced a number of challenges since the lockdown that restricted us from doing what we do initially. However, the demand for our craft beer conquered the quarantine. The pressure to re-emerge was high, and the industry was bleeding. We had to re-plan a concept that enabled our patrons to enjoy the Effingut experience in the easement of their homes. This could only be accomplished by timely deliveries, beer and food collaborations with other diligent craft producers and a whole new Entertainment 2 Go concept that makes you feel Effingut even outside our brewpubs.”

Within six months, the brand has custom-designed proprietary growler fillers utilizing the ‘counter-pressure filling technique’ to permit full automation once the bottle is placed into a machine. The machine fills each bottle with beer gas to eliminate all oxygen, whilst filling each pour in a closed, pressurised, and highly sanitised ambience. The brand’s high-calibre proprietary infrastructure thus enables at least 14 taps to fill growlers both hastily and hygienically within minutes, thus enhancing its shelf life to a minimum of seven days if kept sealed. This means that your beer remains fresh and carbonated for longer time.

Each growler should ideally be consumed in the same sitting when opened so as to get the best flavour of your freshly brewed beer. The beer is brewed with a built-in atmosphere of conserving the nature and local communities by sourcing the best-quality local ingredients.

Along with being a beer shop, it is also a center for all things craft. It is a platform that assists exhibit artisanal craft and small-batch food and beverage. Every store will also provide a diverse array of imported glassware to match, alongside brand new lines of merchandise.

It will take a step ahead by arranging its top dishes as ‘easy to consume microwaveable meals’ (entirely made in-house) and snacks that perfectly complement the beers including Thecha Chicken, Mustard Chilli Chicken, Butter Chicken and KhowSuey and Biryani.

Each retail store will also include a hot dog stand with menu dishes like Bratwurst and smoked Krakauer sausages. These will go well with hot dog buns that are again prepared in house as beer bread, made from the same spent malted grains used to prepare their signature beers.

To ensure accessibility of craft beer, it will be costing Rs 449 for one litre in Pune and Rs 499 per litre in Mumbai. The recyclable PET bottles will be provided free, but the glass growlers will be prices at Rs 125 for 1.1 litre and Rs 300 for 2.5 litre. The company will launch 5-litre stainless steel growlers a little later. The brand’s eco-friendly vision also rewards people by providing Rs 10 off for each recyclable PET bottle that customers return and Rs 25 off per litre whenever they refill their sustainable glass growlers.

Patrons can order via for same-day deliveries. Food items can also be purchased via Swiggy and Zomato. The store will also showcase a digital series named Entertainment 2Go – live sessions with our expertized artist alumni on our Instagram.


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