The edible oil traders all over India have demanded the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) to evaluate the lab testing process, including report generation. They have asked for a reduction in the time gap in generation of reports by the apex food regulator, in order to keep a check on any attempts made to spread unnecessary rumours about them, which could cause harm or damage to their businesses.

With regard to the same, the edible oil traders had met with the top officials of FSSAI, which included the CEO and Chairperson in Mumbai and submitted a memorandum that contained several demands, seeking relief from the apex food regulator.

Complaints were also received by the food authority from the traders, regarding false reports being leaked allegedly by the FSSAI officials even before the actual lab analysis report was released.

The delegation comprising of All India Edible Oil Traders Federation (AIEOTF) mentioned that the matter becomes worse, as the lab reports take as long as 10 months sometimes to come out, thereby providing an opportunity for the spread of fake information.

The traders stated – “This creates a challenge for the traders and hampers our credibility thereby affecting our overall trade. Therefore, we request the FSSAI to reframe the procedures for such enforcement activity and issue fresh guidelines to make sure that such fake info is restricted,” the traders said.

Revocation of the ban on sale of loose oil was also sought for by the traders.

Shankar Thakkar, President of the AIEOTF stated that the FSSAI top officials were informed about the problems faced by the edible oil traders, due to FSSAI regulations that ban the sale of loose edible oil.

Thakkar further stated – “The FSSAI made such a regulation that bans the sale of loose edible oil. We have requested the FSSAI Chairperson and CEO to revoke the ban. We have also asked the FSSAI officials to let us re-use the used edible oil canisters.”

Additionally, Thakkar mentioned that the traders had even requested the officials to grant relief from enforcement activities that lead to seizure. Further, he stated that the FSSAI officials were requested not to make it mandatory for the traders to print licence or registration number on the receipt.

Thakkar further added – “The FSSAI has been asked to review their decisions,”


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