DuPont biosciences launched a new ingredient Versilk , which is an enzyme that will shoot the efficacy of manufacturers and yogurt texture will also be improved parallely. Using this enzyme, manufacturers will be able to achieve that thick creamy texture for their yogurt products, and all drinkable and edible fermented dairy products.

It was a long breeding issue for the manufacturers to not reach the climactic yogurt product loaded with perfection and balance of ingredients. Fortification of dairy and other ingredients as well as better furnished final product was a necessity.

Here comes, the real game changer, brand new Versilk Enzyme which will enhance the thickness and viscosity without compromising the taste, texture and experience. The mouth feel and gastronomic adventure manufacturers will get after inoculation of the enzyme will be indomitable and unparalleled. This kind of relishing experience will come handy with the fortified protein content around 30% in the final product in shelves.

Versilk, while adding, is done by cultures that will deliver significant improvement in the final produce and no-waste fermentation will be clearly achieved. Making your Yoghurts better, DuPont biosciences has nailed the real catalyst this time.

“Versilk™ is the latest in our suite of solutions comprising enzymes, cultures, proteins, and functional solutions. Together with our leading industry experts, we can help manufacturers respond to market trends and deliver healthy and indulgent yogurt products to meet consumer demand,” said Clementina Dellomonaco, global product manager, Dairy Enzymes, DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences.Versilk™ is part of the DuPont™ Danisco® range of enzymes with a wide variety of producer and consumer benefits.

Versilk™ enzyme is the effective way to relieve the viscosity issue when adding protein to yogurts and fermented drinks. So consumers can enjoy a refreshing, premium snack that combines health with indulgence.

A native, non-GM enzyme, Versilk™ gets viscosity under control without altering fermentation time or final product flavor. And all with a consumer-friendly label.


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