Royal DSM has introduced its all new Maxilact Super lactase enzyme. Strengthening its principal portfolio of Maxilact lactases, the new product allows dairy manufacturers to produce superior-quality, clean-tasting lactose-free and sugar-reduced dairy, while also helps to alleviate hydrolysis time by 33% and attain flawless production proficiency. Furthermore, it is appropriate for all dairy product positioning, from regular to organic and Verb and Lebensmittel Ohne Gentechnik (VLOG). With the creation of this new enzyme, lactose-free dairy producers can provide the genuineness, health appeal and sensory experience that consumers anticipate in all applications, without adding complications to the production procedure.

It was formulated with these requirements in mind, providing a go-to solution for all dairy operations irrespective of the product’s positioning — from conventional dairy to organic and VLOG. This ‘one-stop-shop’ enzyme creation is ideal for all lactose-free dairy applications, whether it is milk, milk drinks or yogurt, allowing producers to ‘live’ their labels and generate genuine, appealing dairy. And similar to DSM’s other high-performing lactases, it also assists manufacturers in offering sought-after sugar-reduced choices.

This solution unbolts the natural sweetness of dairy by splitting down lactose into its sweeter conformations, efficaciously reducing the sugar levels in products by up to 20% approx. In addition, the advanced and up-to-date technology aids in achieving enhanced enzyme activity i.e. manufactures can lower down hydrolysis time by one-third and accomplish a double-digit increment in production efficacy, while also bolstering the capacity without cap-ex (capital expenditure) investment.

Ben Rutten, global business manager for Milk at DSM stated- “With 71% of consumers assessing the labels of the products they buy, integrated with the ever-growing fondness for lactose-free dairy and the sugar cutting tendency that is here to stay, it is lucid that prioritizing health and genuineness is more significant than ever for consumers today. DSM is aware that the challenges these diverse needs generate for lactose-free dairy producers, and with the avant-garde MaxilactSuper solution – made possible thanks to more than 50 years of experience in lactase development and producing – manufactures across the world can efficaciously provide premium-quality sugar-reduced and lactose-free dairy with next generation consumer appeal.”


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