Royal DSM has unveiled a digital drive in India conceptualized by Flying Cursor Interactive, highlighting the exigency to boost Vitamin D level through proper nutrition. The campaign ‘Boost your ImmuniD’ is a corporate social responsibility initiative of DSM India that considers that 80% of Indians have insufficient levels of Vitamin D in their blood, and underscores the societal need for Vitamin D as an important source for building a robust immune system.

It is mostly acclaimed for its functions on bone and muscle health and its positive impact on immune function, assisting the body in its battle against pneumonia and influenza and various other infectious diseases. Studies report that there is a clear connection between vitamin D and body’s immunity.

Limited exposure to sunlight and consumption of insufficient Vitamin D – containing food sources are the primary reasons why people suffer from Vitamin D deficiency. Although India is a sun-rich nation, people here are facing deficiency of Vitamin D. Low levels of vitamin D makes us immune-compromised which may be related with numerous health issues including cancer, depression, muscle weakness, and osteoporosis.

B. Rajagopal, President of DSM India stated- “DSM’s ‘Boost Your ImmuniD’ initiative looks forward to make Indians aware regarding the significance of Vitamin D. The film takes a chucklesome tone and depicts people from different walks of life, reinforcing that while they might be very different outwardly, they can all be suffering from Vitamin D deficiency deep inside.”

Shormistha Mukherjee, director of Flying Cursor Interactive mentioned- “Building one’s immunity is always necessary, and even more so during this coronavirus pandemic. Health and nutrition are something everyone should pay attention on, but this realization has become very stark in these times. But we also didn’t intend to preach to viewers. It’s time to Boost Your ImmuniD.”


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