A drawing competition has been organized by DRI for the children studying at DRI and Bry-Air Pathshalas in order to celebrate World Environment Day. This is expected to help raise awareness as well as highlight the significance of environment and sustainability.

DRI has been working along with Bry-Air, being the flagship companies of Pahwa group and has been focusing on restoration of our EcoSystem through its various initiatives, that include plantation drives, reclaiming and reforestation, to increase green cover and thus improving quality of air.

The latest has been the afforestation in Kadooki village, Alwar, Rajasthan, wherein, a forest of more than 500 medicinal and fruit-bearing trees is currently under development. This will aid in re-greening of the area, in addition to being able to provide fruits for the locality.

1500 pomegranate trees were planted in the arid region of Barmer, Rajasthan, which are currently providing sustenance to the farmers, who sell the fruit and earn their livelihood.

 Nearly 7 acres of Sanjay Van, Delhi had been restored in order to 

  • Restore and conserve the native Aravali vegetation with the plantation of local species of trees such as Dhak, Khair, Khejri, etc.;
  • Trees raised – existing native trees (approx. 25,000) by dispersing seeds, nurturing / transplanting germinated saplings;
  • Selective planting of Fauna friendly vegetation;
  • Cleaning of discharged sewage water/ effluents from ponds;
  • Emphasis to plant appropriate vegetation all around water body;
  • Introduction of bird friendly fishes in ponds.

The Pahwa Group CSR has also been active in various WASH activities to provide clean drinking water and sanitation to the communities that they serve. This includes installations of Community Water Centres, CWCs in various villages in Haryana and Rajasthan. The clean and cool drinking water obtained from these plants helps to eradicate water-borne diseases, apart from providing a livelihood to the villagers who are able to sell the water for various events such as marriages in the surrounding villages.

DRI and Bry-Air are in the process of building more community WASH facilities, apart from setting up check dams, which will help in prevention of soil erosion and support groundwater recharge, especially in the arid regions. In keeping with UN SDGs, the group has also installed 15 CUM size Rainwater Harvesting Structures at Literacy India Vidhyapeeth premises. This rainwater harvesting structure is helping save more than 5.89 lac litres per year. This is in addition to the companies’ water harvesting activities at their own locations.

One of the core objectives of the company is to directly impact communities through CSR initiatives. These mainly focus on Vision (Eye Care), Education, Environment and SustainabilityBry-Air & DRI in association with their NGO partners have been able to touch over 56,000 lives over the past 10 years, thereby directly impacting and enhancing the quality of life.

Anandita Pahwa, Group CSR Head mentioned that “The theme of World Environment Day 2021 is ‘Ecosystem Restoration’ and that has been our special focus this year by conservation and restoration, so that the green cover around us is increased and quality of air we breathe is less polluted.”  

Social Responsibility is deeply ingrained in our company culture. 

On this World Environment Day, we would like to highlight environment and sustainability as a hugely important aspect of the work we do. It is our job to conserve and safeguard our resources for future generations, actions small and big, all count towards achieving this goal.

She also released a video showcasing these initiatives and development work in the field of Environment.

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