Tyson Foods has transferred a couple of its long-termed administrators as the head of the Poultry section of its business.

Donnie King, who has been working with Tyson since 1982, has been chosen as the President of its Poultry business on September 3rd.

He had previously served the company,  holding  various executive posts, such as President of North American Operations, Group President of International, and most recently, Group President and Chief Administrative Officer.

Besides, Chad Martin, employed in Tyson since 1998, will take over the new post of Chief Operating Officer of Poultry business.

Earlier, he has led the company’s Poultry and Beef businesses and has also worked in numerous leadership roles related to food safety and quality assurance.

King excitedly stated- “I’m delighted to once again lead our poultry business and keen to work with Chad and the team as we explore additional ways to make sure that we’re functioning safely and efficaciously, thus meeting the dynamic demands and needs of our customers.”


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