India’s exemplary dairy brand, Keventers, in collaboration with EduTennis, an initiative by the Amba Dalmia Foundation Trust is running an initiative to raise Rs 1 crore to assist Delhi-based hospitals and grass root organizations with their efforts to provide critical care to Covid-19 patients. Their main focus is to offer lifesaving sources of Oxygen to those in need in Delhi NCR.

The immediate mission is to offer both short term and long term solutions to the oxygen crisis in Delhi NCR by providing hospitals with oxygen concentrators and bi-paps that will aid those who are in grave need. These are the sources that will not run out and can be helpful for more people than oxygen cylinders.

As it has emerged over the past few weeks, the most immediate and essential requirement is Oxygen, the foundation’s initiative is also raising money to buy equipment to install an oxygen generating facility in select hospitals. By having their own supply facility in-house, these hospitals will be capable to reduce their dependence on external sources for oxygen supply. This has been planned in consultation with the local authorities.

Talking about the initiative, Agastya Dalmia director and founder of Keventers and managing trustee of Amba Dalmia Foundation informed- “These are tough times and as citizens of India each one of us have a responsibility towards battling this crisis in our individual capacities. We as a brand have the right resources and connections that we want to utilise and optimise and set up a system wherein we can provide critical oxygen supplies to the hospitals. Each small contribution will help save lives, and we are hoping to reach our goal very soon.”

The campaign started on 26th April, 2021 and has managed to raise INR 35 lakhs so far from more than 100 donors and counting.


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