In this exclusive conversation with Claus from Food Infotech, Vaishali Sharma, Marketing Director of DNV Industrial Systems Pvt. Ltd. shared a little about the company, apart from sharing some details about their recently launched solution for the food industry, including their future plans.

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Edited Excerpts Below:

Please start by giving us a brief description about your company, including the solutions that you’ve been offering for the Food Industry recently?

We, DNV Industrial Systems Pvt. Ltd. are a start-up based out of Greater Noida near Delhi. We have been manufacturing and supplying a range of flexible packaging solutions, which include three-layer, two-layer pouches that are being used for both eatables and non-eatables.

Flexible packaging solutions - Pouches

Presently, we are doing center-seal pouches, three-side seal pouches, zipper standy pouches. We are also making 3D pouches that have been trending in the market of late.

How many industries are you serving currently?

We are presently serving industries such as tobacco, food grade, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, including a few more industries.

Can you tell us at what capacity your plant runs today?

Our plant has been running at full capacity, which is about 70 tons per month. Besides, we are also in the process of setting up another factory right beside our facility in Greater Noida. Recently, at DNV, we have installed 8 colour flexographic printing machines, a duplex lamination machine for solvent based and solvent less lamination and slitters for pouch packaging machine.

DNV Industrial Systems - Team

We have all the solutions from designing to cylinder making, printing, laminating, slitting and then pouching, including offering raw materials.

Could you let us know the size of your team?

Today, we have 30 employees directly on our payroll. DNV has a strong and dedicated marketing team comprising of 10 members, who are directly responsible for driving the growth of our business in the domestic as well as export markets.

Please tell us how many cities you’ve been serving as of today?

We are offering our solutions in almost every city across the country today. Moreover, we have also been regularly exporting our products to about 9 countries as on date.

Please share with us some details on any of your recently launched solutions for the food industry.

Packaging Pouches - DNV Industrial Systems

Recently, we started with 3D packaging. This is also a new type of packaging that has been introduced in Delhi NCR and it is a completely new product. This being a biodegradable solution is very much available in the market today.

Please let us know about the steps that are being taken to ensure quality control.

We have been offering specific products accompanied by food grade certificates, particularly for the food industry. A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is also being provided to our customers, which helps in confirming that the food products have undergone the required tests before being dispatched to the customer.

Can you let us know your plans/strategies for serving the food industry in the coming days?

As far as food industry is concerned, packaging has become a necessity today and there is always going to be demand for packaging from businesses serving the food industry. Hence, we are confident of achieving strong growth in this segment in the coming days.

What are some of the challenges that your business has been facing in recent times?

While the Government has introduced laws and regulations for the food industry, there has been a lack of awareness among stakeholders on many of the regulations. This has sometimes created an element of fear and has in turn affected businesses such as ours. So, there is a necessity to increase awareness among the stakeholders, who must be informed of what is required to be done specifically and what must be done by them to solve all the problems.

Lastly, will you tell us about your future plans?

We have basically been doing our R&D on specific innovations. As on date, we have completed our R&D on 3D pouches. Further, we have also completed the installation of machines for producing these pouches and are also hoping to achieve a capacity of approximately 140-150 tons per month soon.


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