On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Dineout Passport, a premium membership programme has introduced the 2nd edition of its flagship ‘Femtastic 2.0’ programme. A first-of-its-kind drive that celebrates the personal and professional achievements of women across industries.

In line with the 2021 theme of ‘choose to challenge’, the brand is trying to raise awareness on gender biases and appealing collective action against gender stereotypes by broadening perception on women’s role in modern society.

It also hosted an event titled “challenge the present to change the future: The voice of an equal world as we choose to challenge the norms”, at The Grand, New Delhi.

Parul Kaul (head marketing, Dineout Passport) moderated the discussion and the panel included Harshita Singh (head of business strategy and revenue- Times Prime), Shrishti Thakur (senior account director- Adfactors PR), Shivani Mirchandani (co-founder- Minus 30), Aparna Andrews (co-founder – Biryani Blues), Vipul Kamboj (general manager – The Grand New Delhi) and Sahil Jain (co-founder- Dineout). The discussion proceeded with panelists sharing their personal experiences at the workplace and the challenges women face navigating several aspects of work life. Biases, perceptions, workplaces laws that lead to a skewed gender ratio in certain industries were also talked about in the conversation. A study commissioned by Diageo a couple of years ago was also discussed which underscored that women accounted for almost 70% of the workforce in the hospitality sector in the world. Despite this supremacy, only 20% of them chaired general managerial positions.

Sahil Jain, co-founder of Dineout stated- “We are pleased to host the 2nd edition of our industry-wide Femtastic campaign along with members of the food and beverage fraternity. Foodtech is at the forefront of creativities within the global food and beverage industry, and we feel it’s high time we motivate the rise of women in this conventionally male-dominated industry and advocate equal opportunities, inclusivity, and gender equality. Challenging archaic notions in both the professional and personal spheres is key to impel a change, and we are committed to celebrate women’s achievement, raise awareness against bias and take action for equality.”

Vipul Kamboj, general manager – The Grand New Delhi Hotel and Residences mentioned- “For years, the hospitality sector wasn’t considered to be a good choice for ladies who wanted to work in this industry, but now this has changed drastically. We have women not only working in admin as well as in operational departments where they take the lead. The Grand New Delhi Hotel and Residences has faith in creating an equal opportunity for all the women staff and as the General Manager of this hotel, I am glad that our property has collaborated with Dineout Passport’s femtastic drive on ‘choose to challenge’ which is to make the world aware to take an action and create an equal world out there of all the ladies. From challenge comes the change, I am challenging the world today and would request every person to ‘choose to challenge’ the world to create a better tomorrow.”

As part of this campaign, the company has launched a bonafide video presenting its employees pledging to strive towards a more gender-equal workplace and industry, going above and beyond to uphold a more nuanced perspective on women.


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