Copper Dog Whisky has been launched in India with a goal to revolutionize the utilization of single malts in the coming year. Prepared with the unadulterated amalgamation of the eight single malt whiskies that rascals could imagine, this pure drinking delight from Diageo India is here to express real conversations in 2021.

Created out of the warm and roguish ambience of the pub in the Craigellachie Hotel, Speyside, the liquid is an innovation of a group of collaborators, linked by the original designer Piers Adams, an entrepreneur and establisher of some of the most renowned bars and clubs across the globe, including London’s Mahiki and Whisky Mist. Jointly, they gave birth to a whisky that is mischievous, inclusive, authentic and rascally.

Talking about the launch, Abhishek Shahabadi, VP and portfolio head, premium and luxury brands, Diageo India stated- “We are glad to unveil Copper Dog in India, as a cherished new addition to our range which is one of the best blended malts scotch whisky, manufactured in Scotland. It is a youthful liquid that emanates its own robust style and ideally exemplifies the kind of avant-garde that we desire to develop for the contemporary times. We are optimistic that this drink will justify an experience for patrons that choose to bend the rules with whisky.’’

Weathered by the narrations of the rascals, this imperfect charm of a Diageo liquid is a distinct combination of about eight single malt whiskies (including Knockando, Rose Isle and Inchgower), gradually marred together in old oak casks. The liquid contains caramelized sugars, soft fruits and a gentle wood presence enriched with a creamy finish that ameliorates the subtle, distant spices of the beverage.  A blend of ripe orchard fruits (apples and pears), berries and a hint of citrus, layered above a base of sweet wood and creamy vanilla fudge, it possesses a palate that has a rich creamy flavour that can be amalgamated in any way you like, nevertheless it should be consumed straight up or in a cocktail over the bar table.

The liquid has reached a global ranking as it was honoured Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2020. This esteemed ranking is given to those who earn a gold medal rating by each and every member of the panel of judges.


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