A manufacturer of plant-based milks and other products, Califia Farms has designated an ex-member of better-for-you foods as its new CEO.

Dave Ritterbush, President and CEO of Quest Nutrition, will be replacing the company’s founder Greg Steltenpohl, who will now stay as an executive director.

During Ritterbush’s incumbency at Quest, Simply Good Foods Co. got the got of it in a $1 billion deal. Dave has also served as served as CEO of Popchips, a better-for-you snack facility, and Premier Nutrition Corp., manufacturers of Power Bar.

Previously, he chaired executive positions with Red Bull North America and with Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream too.

Ritterbush declared- “With Califia’s innovation and commitment to help people and the planet, there is unending potential for uninterrupted growth, especially as an increasing number of consumers seek plant-based options.”

Califia Farms makes and supplies plant-based milks, yogurts, creamers, and cold-brew coffees. It raised $225 million in January in financing to aid in farther developments.


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