In an exclusive chat with Claus from Food Infotech, B.S. Rawat, Managing Partner, Dairy Tech India speaks about some of the latest technologies that they’ve planned to introduce in their solutions to serve their customers in the Dairy Industry, including about his future plans.

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Please begin by telling us a little about Dairy Tech India’s recent solutions for the Dairy Industry. Further, can you let us know a little about your facility, including the latest technologies that you’ve introduced over the past one year?

We are presently working on Turnkey project solutions using the latest processing technologies as well as automation for producing milk & other value-added dairy products.

Further, we are also working towards introducing advanced technologies in some of our solutions, which include Laser cutting, Orbital welding in Stainless Steel pipes and modular design. We are also looking out for suitable vendors for making the necessary upgradations.

Would you tell us what are the serious challenges that dairy manufacturers have been facing in the past one year?

After COVID 19 Pandemic, we had witnessed a tremendous rise in the price of raw materials. For instance, the prices of Stainless Steel 304, 316 had risen by 55 to 60%. The end users/customers have had to face a lot of difficulties in being able to pay such high costs, which had formed a huge part of the project cost. This had severely affected the ability of many businesses to maintain decent profit margins. Besides, there was a rise in the overhead costs too.

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With the prices of raw materials continuing to remain unstable for the past one year, companies had been finding it extremely tough to maintain decent profit margins during this period. Despite all such difficulties, there was a necessity for businesses to ensure the maintenance of product quality at a lower selling price. Moreover, shortage of skilled manpower has often been a major barrier for many businesses, which had affected their ability to meet the delivery schedules.

What are the export markets that you’ve covered till date and which are the markets that you’ve planned to cover in the near future?

In the past few years, Dairy Tech India has exported milk processing machines to countries that include Bangladesh, Canada, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Sudan & UAE. In the near future, Dairy Tech India would like to focus more on growing its presence in the Domestic Market. We are also keen to explore neighbouring markets as well as few of the African countries with our solutions and we are hopeful of achieving higher business growth in these markets in the coming days too.

Finally, your views on the future of Dairy Industry in India and also let us know your future plans?

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The future of Indian Dairy Industry is definitely bright. Not only is the Industry expected to become highly competitive, but also technology driven in the near future. We have plans to expand our infrastructure as well as add more machinery to our portfolio in the coming days to meet our existing and new customers’ requirements. This would help us offer quality products & prompt service to our valued customers.


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