Stepping forward on its goal to spread awareness regarding the significance of immunity and aiding the corona warriors, Dabur Chyawanprash from the house of Dabur India Limited, has planned an unusual programme, ‘Seva Ko Salaam’ to offer respect to Delhi Police for their exceptional service provide during the hard times.

Under this programme, a group of volunteers met the citizens to know about their feelings for the Delhi Police Force and gather their best wishes and signatures for the fitness and good health of policemen. The company will provide Chyawanprash to police officials to boost up their immunity and make then able to serve for the society and to battle with the coronavirus tirelessly and actively.

Sudhanshu Dhama, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police I, Outer District, Delhi Area stated- “I want to take this chance to extend gratitude Delhiites for their affection and assistance towards the Delhi Police. We will deliver the message of your love and care to all our staffs. This signature campaign initially begun in form of a survey on the response of Delhi Police during the pandemic. I am glad of the verity that Dabur India got over 97,000 signatures and 10,000+ hash tags on Seva ko Salaam.”

Mukesh Mishra, vice president, health care of Dabur India Limited declared- “Dabur Chyawanprash ‘Seva Ko Salaam’ was initiated to express gratitude towards the police force who have worked tirelessly and bravely to safeguard millions of citizens during the pandemic. Dabur also honored the Police Personnel with Mementos and Exemplary Service Certificates which was offered to the Deputy Commissioner of Police – Outer District, Delhi and his team.In addition to this, Chyawanprash packs was supplied to more than 1,500 police officials.”

To salute the Delhi Police, a social event was organized by the firm on 28th Octobe at the Deputy Commissioner of Police office, Outer District, Delhi. When the ceremony was about to conclude, Anand Kumar Mishra, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police II, Outer District, Delhi Area, applauded the attempts of Vritti Solutions, which planned and implemented ‘Seva ko Salaam’ Campaign.


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