Daalchini has made public its intentions to diversify its presence across India. The platform is planning to increase from 400 to 600 vending machines across 9 cities including Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Goa, Pune, and Mohali.

The platform that functions through IoT-led ‘phygital’ vending machines targets to create entrepreneurial chances for micro-women entrepreneurs through franchisees while delivering delicious meals to corporate professionals.

Prerna Kalra, co-founder of Daalchini mentioned- “Since its establishment, Daalchini has been working towards making comfort home-food easily accessible to professionals and at the same time also empowering our women by making them professionally managed micro-enterprises. The upcoming expansion will enable us to uplift more lives via new and exciting employment opportunities as part of the Daalchini family. It goes without saying that the 600 vending machines across 9 cities is just the beginning. We intend to revolutionize snacking with our tech-driven value proposition over the coming few years.”

As part of its commitment to serving 6-meals-a-day, the platform is building a sub-99 food store to allow brands in all food and beverage categories (like Frozen, Chilled, Meal-kits, Snacks, Bakery, Immunity Boosters, Healthy/Energy drinks, Yogurts), to reach their targeted audience and assist them scale fast across multiple geographies.

To run a community of automated kiosks through homemakers, the platform aids them in transforming their spaces into professional, certified kitchens. It also helps them with supplies, licenses, audits, and compliance to ensure top-level quality of the contents for its vending machines. By making healthy snacks available to a greater section of society by leveraging innovative technology, the platform is well-poised to become a category-defining brand that evolves the face of snacking in our country.


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