Cranberry Foods Pvt. Ltd. is a Mumbai based company that started its operations in 2014. Currently, it is engaged in the manufacture and supply of various types of bakery and confectionery related products, including snack items, more specifically for the HoReCa Industry.

In this exclusive interaction with Claus from Food Infotech, Abhinav Jha, Founder & CEO, Cranberry Foods shared more details on his company and its manufacturing facility, including his plans to grow the company’s presence in other cities and more.

Edited Excerpts Below:

Q. Would you start by letting us know a little about Cranberry Foods?

We are engaged in the production of a variety of bakery related products and snack items and have been serving various QSRs, cafes and flight kitchens through our range of product offerings.

The whole idea behind starting Cranberry Foods was to help smoothen the operations of Cloud Kitchens and QSRs, by consistently making available our range of products to them for their operations. Basically, the process has been made simple for the QSRs and Cloud Kitchens. All that is required to be done by them would be to remove the products from the freezer, heat the products in a microwave oven and serve the products on the table. As we are in a position to serve the Cloud Kitchens and QSRs through our offerings, they can also do away with the option of having to appoint a full time chef for their operations. Our products are also completely back ended and are consistently available around the year, since they are made available in bigger batches.

Q. Please share a bit about your facility and your team with us.

We have an automated line for burger buns and hot dogs that possesses the capacity to process about 1.5 lakh buns a day.

Currently, we operate 4 different verticals from our hot kitchen. While the first vertical is being used for making biryanis, tikkas, kebabs and a few more, we have been making breads, both regular and artisanal breads through our 2nd vertical. From our 3rd vertical, we have been making brownie, muffins, croissants, confectioneries, etc. From our 4th vertical, we have been making Ready to Eat Snacks, such as samosas, sandwiches, parathas and a few more.

Burger buns
Burger buns

We currently have a team of 80 members who are directly involved in running the daily operations, as well as in new product development at our in-house lab facility. All of our products undergo rigorous testing at our in-house lab facility.

Q. Can you let us know a little about any of your recent product developments?

Phirni has been one of our products that we had been working on recently. We’ve actually been using sooji instead of rice in making Phirni. Phirni has also become a highly popular and desirable product among our customers recently.

Q. Please tell us more about the presence of your brand in India.

Our factory is based out of Mumbai. We are a manufacturer, distributor and supplier serving the HoReCa and QSR segments. ColdEx Logistics has been our logistics partner as of today, who have been helping us in distribution of our range of products across the country.

Q. Any steps taken by your company to ensure safety of your products?

As of today, we have adopted vacuum packaging to ensure the safety of the frozen food products. Additionally, all our products are tested and checked internally at our in-house lab facility before being dispatched to all our customers.

Q. Which are the cities that you’ve planned to establish your presence in the near future?

As of now, we have plans to establish our presence in New Delhi by 2024. Further, we are also hopeful of establishing our presence in Bengaluru by 2026.

Q. Can you tell us about your business performance last year?

Ours is an 8 year old company. Our average sales have been growing 50 percent year-on-year (YoY), ever since we started our operations in 2014. Going as per the current trend, we are hopeful of growing our business further in the coming year too.

Q. Any strategies you’ve planned to adopt to grow your business in the coming days?

We have plans to expand our geographical presence in more cities. For this purpose, we’ve been looking out for distributors in other cities, particularly in the Northern India and have plans to partner with some of them and we are optimistic and hopeful of on-boarding new clients and grow our business further in the coming days.

Q. Any challenges you’ve been facing in your operations? A bit about the same.

One of the primary challenges that we’ve been facing in our operations has been the consistent supply of raw materials that are being used to produce the final product. We hope to redress these challenges soon to ensure the smooth running of our operations in the coming days.

Q. Any steps taken to ensure that the raw materials procured by your company are pure and safe?

We have been using metal detectors in our factory, wherein, all the raw-materials procured by our company are thoroughly checked and monitored for any form of contamination before they are being put to use in our operations.

Q. Please share with us a bit on your plans for 2023?

We have plans to increase the capacity utilization in our factory. For this purpose, we plan to enter into new markets, wherein, we would be exhibiting our range of products to various potential clients in the market. Earlier, we had kept our primary focus on the market in Western India. Going forward, we would be working to increase our presence in various cities in Northern India as well.


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