Country Delight is India’s major direct-to-home food essentials brand serving locally gathered and authentic products. It sees that it is in line with the prevailing trends among consumers for fresh and natural supplies.

The company stated that there is significant demand among consumers for its products ranging from fresh cow & buffalo milk, taaza paneer, desi daanedar ghee, ghar jaisa dahi, and fresh breads & eggs that are delivered right at the doorstep of the consumer daily!

“The demand is perceptible. We have positioned ourselves as a pure Direct-to-Home brand. Our intent is to build a Direct-to-Consumer access because in this way we will have a stronger control over the supply chain and be able to solve all the issues that come our way. Moreover, it is the only way to deliver to our customers a good quality product consistently. Our entire thought process has always been to have full control over the product all the way to the customer,” informed Chakradhar Gade, co-founder of Country Delight.

“Our focus is to ensure transparency and last mile connectivity with a quality product. We are coming up with fresh Ratnagiri alphonso mango to the door step. Here the idea is to have a control over the access from the farmer to the consumer to enable consumers have the original fruit,” Gade apprised.

“Today someone can promise delivery of fresh Ratnagiri alphonso mango but supply Kesar or Dasheri mango. The customer will not be able to discern that by looking at it. Here we believe that if we give our customer a good tasting product like the Ratnagiri mango, customers once tasting it will know that it is the best mango of the country. Therefore our effort is to ensure get the best natural product that we possibly give,” he further said.

In lassi and buttermilk too there are flavours to be launched. The idea again is all natural ingredients freshly made and delivered in 24 hours making sure that there are no artificial substances for the customer to have the best taste experience, as per the statements of Gade.

“There is a huge opportunity and global trend is going back to nature. We strongly believe in that because Country Delight is a very consumer-centric brand. Whatever we do is purely on customer feedback. That is the reason we chose this as our core. The idea is to get all the countryside products right to the cities where the customers reside,” mentioned Gade.


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