Pune, December 2023: CorrVision Expo, the focused corrugated case manufacturing,  converting, box making, package printing & folding carton trade show is scheduled from 10-12 May 2024 at Autocluster Exhibition Centre, Chinchwad MIDC in Pune.

Taking place in Pune, the heart of industries, the event brings in the added advantage of a strategic location. From major food processing, automobiles to pharma and biotechnology companies, the state of Maharashtra boasts itself as an established business hub.

Organized by Future Market Events, the expo differentiates itself by exploring a new market and collaborating with leading trade bodies such as Western India Corrugated Box Manufacturers Association (WICMA), Packaging Industry Association of India (PIAI), PrintWeek and WhatPackaging magazines as its strategic partners. Jasmine Chopra, Project Director at Future Market Events, shares: “We promise to bring you new prospects and buyers from the roots of Maharashtra and Gujarat, in addition to the buyers from pan-India.

Our strategic alliance with WICMA will deliver top-notch corrugators and buyers from across the region.” Echoing the same sentiments Shri Anil Loya, President of WICMA, stated, “I am pleased to extend my heartfelt wishes for the successful launch of CorrVision Expo. It is an excellent platform that brings together the finest innovations and new technologies in the corrugated packaging industry.

This expo promises to be a catalyst for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and technological advancements. I encourage all stakeholders to participate actively in this transformative event, as it undoubtedly holds the key to shaping the future of our industry.”

Buyers from across sectors will get a chance to interact with leading companies such as Hubergroup, Divine Grace Print Pack, Konica Minolta, Global Engineering Corporation, Control Print, Columbia Machine Engineering, Seven 11 & many others, who will showcase corrugating machines, box making machinery & solutions, die- cutting and conversion equipment, box stitching machine, folder-gluer solutions, automatic corrugated paper cardboard lamination machine, ancillary equipment solutions, plate-making systems, printing solutions, kraft paper, inks and adhesives & much more at CorrVision Expo.

The show will bring over 150 exhibitors and 10,000 plus buyers from across India. Regional Meeting of WICMA: Alongside CorrVision Expo, the regional WICMA meeting will be organised. The WICMA members will gather to address issues, share information, collaborate on projects, and coordinate efforts related to corrugated packaging & box making industry. The exhibitors will get a chance to network with corrugators participating from across the region.

Packaging Congress: Bringing the think-tanks together

With strategic support and strong guidance from PIAI and various buyer associations from Maharashtra region, the show promises to offer much more than just exhibits. Attendees can take advantage of the Packaging Congress, a networking and knowledge-share conference, taking place alongside the exhibition to deliberate upon the emerging trends in the packaging technologies.

“CorrVision Expo will offer unparallel value as our conference will bring top buyers as speakers and our VIP program promises to elevate the experience of our participants. Our exhibitors can expect to meet OEMs and serious buyers in Pune, the industrial growth engine of Maharashtra. We look forward to welcoming the industry, facilitate meaningful handshakes and create new business opportunities.” concluded Chopra.

Join us at CorrVision Expo, held together with PackVision Expo from 10-12 May 2024 at Autocluster Exhibition Centre, Chinchwad MIDC, Pune. Visit www.corrvisionexpo.com for more information. Media Contact: For show information: Jasmine Chopra – Email: jasmine@futuremarketevents.com | Call: +91-99710 09337. For PR and marketing: Mahjabin Shahzad at mahjabin@futuremarketevents.com

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