In an exclusive conversation with Claus from Food Infotech, Heena Mistry, Marketing Manager, Control Print Ltd. discussed about the company’s recent innovation for the F&B Industry, including their plans for expansion in the coming days.

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Please tell us a bit about your company and its business and your recent product offerings for the F&B Industry.

Control Print Ltd. is a public limited company that was established three decades ago in Mumbai. Our company is listed on both the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange. Our offices are spread across India with two manufacturing units in Himachal Pradesh and Guwahati.

Ready to eat food labels - CIJ Printing

Control Print offers food-grade inks that resist condensed water and frozen storage. CPL printers are engineered for cold environments.

All of our printers require to work in cold conditions are equipped with a specialized heated print head that maintains optimal ink flow and ensures high quality codes.

A bit about your recent innovations for the F&B Industry.

We consider ourselves to be a Make in India company. Almost every top player in the F&B Industry continue to be our customer even today. As far as innovations are concerned, we had recently entered into a JV with an Italian company called V-Shapes and have been importing their packaging machines. We have developed a Single-portion sachet which is like a snap and squeeze. Normally, we have come across many pouches in the market, such as a tomato ketchup or a shampoo pouch which is tough to tear. Many a time, there are chances of the sauce or shampoo spilling over the clothes or on the table. Keeping this in mind, we have introduced this solution, which is just a simple snap and squeeze that individuals are required to do using their 3 fingers. Our Single portion sachet is our latest innovation and it only requires a person to snap and squeeze and users can easily open and dispense the contents. The Single-use sachet can contain from 1ml to 30ml of product, depending on the size chosen.

How do you plan to promote your latest innovation/solution in the market

We have a massive strength of over 100 sales staff that follow-up on the leads and regularly meets the customers to promote all our major 4 brands in the market.

Control Print annually participates in over 30-40 Trade Fairs and Events to showcase our different brands and promote our marking and coding solutions. Additionally, we do participate and take centre stage in Industry based symposiums and conduct webinars to discuss the new emerging trends and technology in Coding and Marking solutions. With a strong offline and online market outreach programs, our marketing team is highly active in Social media/Online promotions.

Do you have any plans for expansion outside the country in the near future?

We currently operate in 4 countries outside India like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Oman and are looking out for partners to strengthen our overseas presence.


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