Michelle Dennis from Food Infotech magazine, New Delhi, had an insightful interaction with the visionary leaders of Frank Technologies, a company that stands at the forefront of innovation and excellence in the compressor industry. It is a privilege to introduce our three distinguished directors, Mr. T. David Martin, Mr. T. Dhanasekar, and Mr. T. Reuban Gnanasigamani who will provide us with a unique glimpse into their industry and share their strategic plans for the future.

Frank Technologies has consistently demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt and thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of technology. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible and delivering cutting-edge solutions has earned them a reputation for excellence and innovation.

Q1. Could you reflect on your 23-year journey mentoring the organization and business strategy at Frank Compressors and highlight key milestones and lessons learned?

Frank is initiated as a company with a technical collaboration with European companies. We used to import all major components for reciprocating air compressors from Italy and screw air compressors were fully imported from Italy in 2000. And Euro value has increased to 50% in the year 2005. So, there we got the spark of making all the manufacturing endemic within our country and struggled a lot in developing our company to the pinnacle.

Q 2. Does Frank Compressors have any foreign collaborations or partnerships, and if so, could you elaborate on their nature and significance to the company?

Frank was started with technical support from European companies. We started to import all the major components for reciprocating air compressors from Italy and screw air compressors were fully imported from Italy in 2000. And with the help of their technical support, we started to localize all the components in India by 2005.

Q 3. How important is the Indian market in achieving your long-term revenue targets, and what strategies is the company implementing to strengthen its position in this market?

Our compressors’ running cost and spare parts cost are less in price to keep our clients happy and affordable. Indian market is a main market for us. We are a competitive player there with greater marketing efforts of comprehending the market, innovation of advanced technologies, product positioning consistency, and affirmation of best quality standards.

Q 4. How does Frank Compressors position itself in the market today, and how do your products contribute to environmental sustainability?

We are very particular about energy saving on compressed air. So, we use the latest technologies to save energy in compressed air. Which also has the maximum efficiency of the output from the machine. Our Oil-free air compressors give better air regulation (flow) and it has Ultra-low-level noise.

We are a competitive player in the air compressor industry in India with preeminent quality and strength in service. The best quality and perfect service to the customer at the appropriate point for their satisfaction are our highlights. Which saves the environment in all aspects.

Q 5. Could you provide insight into the various types of compressor Frank Technologies manufacturers and their applications?

Frank has delightful clients who have used Frank Air compressors for nearly 15 years. Our air compressors are used in the engineering industries, laser Industries, medical Industries, printing & packing Industries, match Industries, plastic bottling Industries (PET), textile industries, garage, food Industries, and cement industries.

Q 6. We are interested in learning more about your latest compressor related to the food industry. Could you share details about its features and benefits?

Our Air Compressors find a satisfactory application in the Food Industries – we have a lubricated Screw Air Compressor with food-grade oil and Water Lubricated Oil-Free with Class, purity, and trustworthy working system in it, principally for this Industry. Our water-lubricated oil-free air compressors come with a PM motor for lesser energy cost.

Q 7. Are there any plans or considerations to diversify your manufacturing capabilities to serve other industries in the

We are in the phase of developing a customized Air Compressor that finds suitable applications in Industries like Railways, aircraft industries, Food Industries, medical industries, etc.

Q 8. What are Frank Compressors’ plans for future growth and expansion, and how do you intend to balance these objectives with maintaining profitability and fostering business development?

We started exporting our Air compressor to increase our volume of production and also to increase profitability. We are in the process of receiving CE certificates for some of our products. We are going to launch two-stage screw air compressors; it is very energy efficient and it is needed in today’s Indian market. We mainly focus on customer satisfaction and trouble-free air compressor machines for trade.


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