PepSico has “Stilted its tent” to expand in Russia, with the announcement of construction of savoury products plant at Novosibirsk, Russia.

Company already own 20 manufacturing plants in the Russian continent with an investment worth $10 billion, since it started operating.

Around $ 159 million invested in the latest project. Company will launch an initiative to work with local suppliers to get local potatoes in manufacturing lay’s potato chips and other products.

Company also work with local farmers at the sites where previous projects are functional. The productions plant there, makes it the highest conusmer of raw potatoes for producing chips and savoury items.

Under Agro-program, company organises training sessions and seminars for growers, as well as provides farmers with seeds, fertilisers and plant protection products.

Expecting the initiation of the first two production line by 2021, company will also produce HrusTeam crispy breads at its new project of 60,000 tons capacity.

The Novosibirsk facility will spring up the availability of local products reducing the transportation cost and extra expenses eventually leading to increased profit and efficiency to the company.

“We highly appreciate the support of our project that the government of Novosibirsk region and the Governor Andrey Travnikov personally provided,” said Neil Sturrock, president of PepsiCo Russia and BUCCA.

“Despite all obstacles caused by the pandemic, we expect to launch the plant on time.  The new facility will be constructed in the framework of PepsiCo principles – it will be energy efficient and operate in full accordance with our ecological standards.

“Our agro team already works closely with local farmers to supply the plant with local raw materials.”

Company is also quite hopeful, because it is going to serve as employment stop providing around 900 jobs in the region.


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