Plastic is the most notorious concern among environmentalists and Food processing industries as well. Food processing firms are one of the tremendous user of plastic packaging for their products. But gradually the demand for a substitute is ringing back and forth. Owing several issues regarding environment, many companies are also striving to reduce the plastic they use.

Food processors are finding it too difficult to put an alternative for the plastic because of entailing issues with the substitution.

An increasing number of food companies are interested in reducing their overall use of plastic, for environmental reasons. This is especially prevalent among companies that do a lot of business in Europe, where environmental regulations are stringent, the Wall Street Journal reports.

According to an estimate, plastic substitution will take 11% market share away from plastic packaging in Europe by 2031.

Nestlé and Unilever are the pioneers among the ones who are seeking alternatives. But till date it has been implemented in some lines and stores only. The problem is that paper doesn’t have the barrier properties and other desirable aspects of plastic.

Attempts to improve barrier properties with coatings have led to problems with recyclability. Possible long-term fixes include a liner that melts in the recycling process, now being used by Nestlé for Yes! snack bars and Nesquik cocoa powder, and a detachable lining for bag-in-box packaging.


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