Mondelēz International has established a new modernistic cocoa crop science technical centre in Pasuruan, Indonesia.

As per the Mondelēz, the new Pasuruan Cocoa Technical Center will aim on cocoa crop science and technology solutions that will aid in the growth of sustainable and flexible high-yield farming practices.

Here, scientists will join hands with local with peasants and suppliers to develop and adopt sustainable farming practices in cocoa-growing areas like East Java Sulawesi, and Sumatra.

The company declares that the investment in the new centre will “help to acquire a sustainable future for sipreme-quality cocoa”, and will aid the company’s determination to gather 100% of cocoa used for its chocolate through the Cocoa Life global cocoa sustainability program by 2025.

At present, 63% of the cocoa used by Mondelez chocolate brands such as Cadbury is collected through the Cocoa Life programme. By the end of 2019, the scheme extended to 175,017 cocoa farmers worldwide, including about 43,000 Indonesian cocoa farmers.

Maurizio Brusadelli, executive VP and president, Asia, Middle East and Africa for Mondelēz International stated- “Cocoa is at the crux of chocolate, and its requirement is tremendously rising, with Asia being the 2nd largest consumer of cocoa ingredients. Our company is determined to fulfill that demand in the right way by designing a flourishing cocoa sector.

He then added- “Consumers also hope more from their favourite brands such as Cadbury Dairy Milk and Milka chocolate. People want relishing snacks they feel good about eating, know where ingredients are sourced from and processed in ways that are good for the environment and public. It is required to obtain a sustainable future for high-quality cocoa and other raw materials we utilize to curate the snacks loved by our consumers.”

Rob Hargrove, executive VP, research, development and quality for Mondelēz International, informed- “We’re on a project to propel positive modification by framing a future of sustainable snacking and which comprises using our global scale to design pertinent, incessant impact.

“The Pasuruan Cocoa Technical Center is our worldwide accommodation for cocoa crop science startups. It amalgamates local and international cocoa crop science experts together with farmers and suppliers in the cocoa-growing regions including Sulawesi, Sumatra, and East Java. Our scientists and experts can visit from the labs at the centre to field sites where we have research partnerships and on-farm ventures through Cocoa Life,” he further said.


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