Coca-Cola has got a new Boss for the North America region. The Latin American president of the company that previously leaded the regulations there is now promoted as a president of Coca-Cola North America.

Company has banked upon the older and reliable figure now. Alfredo Rivera, who locked his chains with the company in 1997 I.e 23 years ago is now promoted to the presidential post. He replaced Jim Dinkins who is retiring after 32 years with Coca-Cola who had been served to be president in the Minute Maid unit and before that as chief retail sales officer for Coca-Cola North America.

Alfredo Rivera joined the company in 1997 as district manager for Guatemala and El Salvador, has supervised the work till 2016 as Latin America Head. He hails from Honduras, he is a bachelor in History and a Post graduate from the University of Southern Mississippi.

“Alfredo has had a remarkable career in Latin America, which is made up of a large number of highly complex and diverse markets,” James Quincey, chairman and CEO. He further added “Alfredo has built a networked organization that is positioning our business to emerge stronger from the current pandemic. He is a strong successor for the top role in our flagship North America market, where he will build on the great progress we’ve seen under Jim’s leadership.”


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