CHUK, an initiative of Yash Pakka Limited (YPL) is enrolled with GeM, a one-stop Government e-marketplace where goods and services can be procured by government offices, departments and institutions. Following this association, CHUK’s sustainable tableware products, which include bowls, plates and compartment plates will now be available on the official website of GeM for government offices across the country.

CHUK, a 100% compostable service ware brand, aims to create awareness of sustainable food packaging amongst government offices and employees with GeM. This association will offer CHUK direct access to all government departments and provide a one-stop shop for marketing, bids and reverse auctions on its products.

The 100% compostable tableware has been manufactured using bagasse – the agri-residue of sugarcane. The announcement of this new venture is a testimony of CHUK’s plans to include everyone in their mission to build a cleaner Earth.

Speaking on the partnership, Satish Chamyvelumani, Business Head, CHUK stated – “Since our inception, we’ve been striving to increase our reach and replace maximum use-cases of single-use plastic in the tableware segment. Our presence on the EGEM platform is another milestone that we’ll be crossing in making India sustainable. Our collaboration will take on an extremely targeted approach to ensuring that we disseminate sustainable, regenerative materials into the ecosystem. We’re certain this partnership will be an inspiration to several sustainable brands to take the initiative of boosting India’s sustainable packaging.”

CHUK has already established itself as one of the leading brands for compostable tableware, with various conscious brands like Haldiram’s, Bikanervala, Chaipoint, etc., trusting it for their food packaging requirements. The company aims to create a sustainable ecosystem for food delivery, even in the government sector and strengthen its vision to work towards a cleaner planet.


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