The Chinese Authorities have asserted that Corona virus was found present in frozen seafood imported from India that called for sealing of the storage areas at the port. The virus was reportedly diagnosed in the samples of frozen pomfret transported into China from India.

The detection was alleged at Fuzhou port in Fujian province. This was the 2nd detection notified by the Chinese authorities after earlier detection of virus in frozen cuttlefish packages. China had also banned imports from an Indian company, as a result.

Same type of infection from Corona virus was discerned from imported frozen food from Russia Germany, and other countries including the US.

Reports from China state that a worker in a warehouse was diagnosed with Corona virus infection in Tianjin city near Beijing after handling the imported seafood.

In October, the Chinese Centre for Disease Control had declared that it had isolated the active Covid virus on packets of imported fish, which was later, associated to the outbreak in the city of Qingdao. As a result, the Chinese Authorities have increased the testing of samples of the imported food into the nation.

In the interim, an official with the Indian Marine Products Export Development Authority informed that while attempts are made to make sure that exported food items remain safe, the norms of food safety were always followed and adopted for food products transported in from India under the patronage of Export Inspection Council of India.


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