FoodTech start-up ChickP Protein, Ltd. is diversifying into Asia-Pacific (APAC) with the unveiling of a new office in Singapore. The strategic measure is in response to the rapidly rising demand for plant-based products in the region. The new subsidiary will bring the start-up nearer to its Asian consumers to support its community of enthusiastic plant-protein consumers in a better manner.

The company designated Moy Teo as the business development director for Asia. Teo will be driving the venture’s business development and marketing activities. With 20 years of practical experience in the food ingredient sector within the APAC region, she joins the team to lead their foothold in Asia with their patented and highly functional chickpea isolate that contains 90% protein content. This step has been taken after the acquisition of her distribution business by a group in the Netherlands.

“I’m excited to start this journey with ChickP in the alt-protein ingredient segment. Chickpea is a well-known and highly venerated crop in Asia. The region makes up more than 85% of chickpea consumption globally, only behind India,” stated Teo.

Conventionally, chickpea is eaten as beans or ground into flour for infusion into a variety of foods and is widely acclaimed for its nutritional value and versatility.

“ChickP’s 90% chickpea isolate has unique functional and organoleptic qualities making it applicable for a full spectrum of food and beverage formulations,” Teo further said.

The company experienced a considerable jump in demand for its chickP protein in the Asia-Pacific region. The new local office will include a warehouse to reduce the logistical bottlenecks experienced throughout the pandemic period that decelerated the rate of supplies to its APAC-based customers in 20 nations.

Ron Klein, CEO of ChickP asserted- “We believe in strong customer relations and partnerships in product development. While plant-based products pose many functional and flavour challenges, getting closer to your clients advances development, helps control the supply chain, and shortens time to market. Singapore has become the center of plant-based products and alt-protein, and ChickP is there to help its clients.”

APAC is a major consumer of plant-based protein. Meat and dairy analogues are age-old concepts, having long traditions ranging from the use of tempeh as a meat substitute and dairy milk analogs from soy. Substitutes of meat have been particularly prominent in low socio-economic areas where access to meat is limited, or in regions where religious beliefs discourage it. Plant-based foods serve as an economical, functional, and healthy source of protein for all consumers for reasons of health and environmental responsibility.

Itay Dana, VP of Sales and Business Development of ChickP informed- “Asia is an important market for ChickP; we already partner with local food companies to advance plant-based innovations. This move is part of ChickP’s global extension beyond the joint market development agreement with Socius Ingredients, Inc. in the US. We also signed a contract with a distributor in South Africa, with the next step in the European market.”


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