The newest innovation of CHEF iQ being the Smart Thermometer currently has models that feature storage for 2 or 3 ultra-thin probes. This game-changing wireless cooking technology allows home chefs to cook their favourite meats, fish, chicken (and more) with precision and ease, ensuring never over or under cooking food again. This would even enable the most inexperienced cook to be more adventurous and dazzle guests with perfectly cooked meals this holiday season.

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Thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, the Smart Thermometer pairs seamlessly with the CHEF iQ app. It permits users to track their cooking progress from anywhere and get timely audio and mobile notifications when their food needs attention. The ability to connect with up to 3 probes simultaneously is a revelation for upcoming holiday festivities. Cooking for a crowd has never been this easy!

The CHEF iQ Smart Thermometer outperforms existing wireless meat thermometers by introducing the following innovative features:

Ultra-Thin Probe: With a diameter of just 4.8 mm (3/16 inch), CHEF iQ’s Smart Thermometer probe monitors temperatures precisely without compromising the integrity of the food.

Multi-Charging: Smart Hub cradle charges multiple Smart Thermometer probes at once.

Different Proteins: Can cook various proteins to different finishing temperatures at the same time using multiple probes.

Cooking Methods: Perfect for use on all major cooking appliances, such as the stove, grill, oven, smoker, sous vide, rotisserie, deep fryer and more!

Wider Range: Stronger open-air Bluetooth and unlimited Wi-Fi range ensure users are in control of their cooking no matter where they are in their homes.

Smart Hub Audio Alerts: The only of its kind, with a built-in speaker to let users know exactly when their food needs to be flipped or taken off the heat—no more guesswork when it comes to cooking food to the perfect internal temperature.

Eco-Friendly Charging: A rechargeable hub that boasts a 40-hour battery charge and utilizes USB Type C charging, making it convenient to charge without changing batteries.

Higher Temperature Capacity: The probe can withstand ambient temperatures up to 572°F while flawlessly measuring internal temperature.

Superior Accuracy: Features quad advanced food-temperature sensors, which are accurate to within 0.5°C.

The CHEF iQ Smart Thermometer is presently available both online as well as in-store at Costco retailers via Amazon.


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