CCL Label has unveiled a new generation of its EcoStream pressure-sensitive labels, which it says are made from floating, low-density polyolefin material that separates easily from heavier PET flakes during the recycling process.

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According to CCL Label, the floating low-density polyolefin material of the new pressure-sensitive EcoStream labels allows it to be separated very easily from the heavier PET flakes in the sink/float process step at the sorting and recycling facility.

CCL Label adds that it has developed the EcoStream SP (Sheer Performance), a clear and opaque white pressure-sensitive label, from the existing EcoStream version, which has apparently been successfully supplied to the international beverage market for years.

In addition, the EcoStream SP pressure-sensitive labels are reportedly designed to maintain labelling quality and avoid folds and bubbles through flexible properties, which the company says makes them particularly suitable on post-shrinking PET bottles.

The company says that all other properties of the EcoStream labels are unchanged with the new generation, apparently allowing for clean separation without contamination or discolouration of the washing bath or PET flakes.

Reinhard Streit, vice president and managing director of food and beverage Europe at CCL, comments: “The official endorsement by both the European PET Bottle Platform (EPBP) and the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) in the United States underpins the performance of the label in the recycling process and the compatibility with existing recycling streams and technology.”

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Last year, CCL introduced a low-density polyolefin sleeve made from its EcoFloat material for PP dairy cups, which are apparently certified by the cyclos-HTP institute as recyclable together.

CCL‘s EcoStream labels are not only ecologically beneficial – they also offer complete design freedom: whether clear, opaque or with premium finish – almost anything is achievable! EcoStream labels completely eliminate contamination issues that can be caused in the recycling stream by permanent PSLs.


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