CBC Group has signed a strategic commercial agreement with Remilk, a global leader in the development and production of animal-free dairy. As per the agreement, CBC Group will develop and launch a new line of dairy drinks, cheeses, and yogurts created with Remilk’s animal-free milk protein, for the Israeli market. Commercial launch is planned within 12 months (pending regulatory approval).

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Replacing traditional cow-milk protein with Remilk’s dairy-identical, non-animal milk protein enables CBC Group to craft a wide variety of real dairy products that are entirely free of lactose, hormones, and cholesterol, all without a single cow, and with a fraction of the resources required and environmental impact as compared to traditional dairy.

“We’re thrilled to partner with one of the most trusted and innovative dairy producers in Israel, with a legacy of more than 70 years making delicious dairy products for generations of consumers,” said Aviv Wolff, CEO and co-founder of Remilk. “This is a significant affirmation of the quality, safety, and versatility of Remilk’s protein. CBC Group is a first mover, playing a powerful role in helping drive a dairy industry evolution for the better of people and the planet. We’re working with regulators and innovators around the world to make non-animal dairy products available to consumers everywhere.”

Yoram Sagy, president of CBC Group said: “Our partnership with Remilk is in complete alignment with CBC Group’s values of introducing cutting edge innovations on the one hand and finding innovative solutions for the existing food and beverage market on the other, as part of The Core, our new center promoting innovative R&D.”

The new line of products will be crafted with Remilk’s non-animal milk protein in place of cow-derived milk protein. Remilk pioneered a yeast-based fermentation process that produces non-animal milk proteins for use in dairy products traditionally made with milk from cows. Dairy produced through precision fermentation requires a fraction of the Earth’s resources and emits a fraction of the harmful greenhouse gas emissions of animal dairy.

Remilk recently obtained self-affirmed GRAS status in accordance with U.S. Food and Drug Administration requirements, paving the way for the sale of products made with Remilk non-animal dairy in the U.S. In April, the company announced plans to build the world’s largest precision fermentation facility in Denmark.


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