With timeshooting speed of digitalisation over ever sector there is an alarm to introduce more digital innovations and experiences in agriculture and food processing fields. Cargill and Ecolab have joined hands to be the pioneering force for the motive.

Cargill and Ecolab has brought its new class of Entrepreneurs to join the Techstars Farm-to-Fork accelerator. Participants can join the totally new experience of classes through virtual platforms, ofcourse due to COVID-19.

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digitisation across many sectors, including food and agriculture. Brett Brohl, MD, Techstars Farm-to-Fork Accelerator, said, “The food system has changed more in the last six months than it has over the entire five years I have been investing in the space. The demands of the pandemic have shed light on the tremendous opportunity that exists in the food system for entrepreneurs, and we are excited about the opportunities in front of this year’s class.”

Justin Kershaw, CIO, Cargill, said, “Technology and digital innovation play a critical role in nourishing the world safely and responsibly. Through our partnership with Techstars and Ecolab, Cargill remains committed to helping foster breakthrough innovation to fundamentally transform the food supply chain from farm to fork.”

John Guttery, senior VP of enterprise initiatives, Ecolab, said, “The Techstars programme brings to life many of Ecolab’s key values, among them innovation to solve our world’s challenges. This latest class is an incredibly diverse group of people, and Ecolab is excited to engage these entrepreneurs in the twin cities community to uncover new technologies and ideas that will support a more sustainable, safe world.”

Programme has been working since 3 years but this time the focus shifts towards the new and budding entrepreneurs to infuse brand new ideas and its implementation through cooperative learning and serving.

Its a chance to seek virtual mentor support from both Cargill and Ecolab and a friction free experience into the working models of different firms, market expertise and global connections.

The Techstars network of successful entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and other partners also works with the selected startups throughout the accelerator programme.


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