Cargill has launched a new brand campaign in line with company’s promise of delivering 20% lower absorption oil to support an active and healthy lifestyle. Evolving with the needs of consumers looking to lead a more active life, Cargill edible oil brand NatureFresh launched a refreshed brand campaign today. Called #BadloBehtarKeLiye, it highlights the importance of active parenting in a child’s daily routine, to help them realize their maximum potential.

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Complete with a new pack design, TV commercial and on ground marketing initiatives, this campaign speaks to the health-conscious consumer. It creates an emotional connect by encouraging parents to be active participants in their child’s journey and success, by being healthier themselves.

Through this campaign, the brand is addressing the ‘Active Parents” community in the age group of 30-50 years, living in urban centers, who aspire to raise confident, ambitious, and happy individuals. Their success as a parent lies in helping their children achieve their full potential in whatever they do. NatureFresh seeks to find a role in the lives of consumers by helping them change old habits and shed inhibitions and delivering a superior quality product that offers 20% lower oil absorption, helping them feel more active and involved as a parent. When parents are actively involved both physically and emotionally in their children’s lives, they are better positioned to help them succeed.

The brand’s refreshed packaging highlights this product proposition of 20% lighter than regular refined oils in the market. To effectively communicate with consumers in Hindi speaking markets, NatureFresh has showcased the brand name and stance in Devanagari script on the pack itself. Through these initiatives, the brand aims to foster a deep brand connect and provide more meaningful experiences to consumers across North and East India.

Commenting on the campaign, Mr. Subin Sivan, Marketing and Insights leader, Cargill Food ingredients said, “NatureFresh is Cargill’s homegrown consumer brand, and has been trusted by consumers for over a decade. We are committed to taking this legacy forward by delivering a unique product capability of 20% lower absorption to helps parents and children who seek a healthier and more active lifestyle. Through our #BadloBehtarKeLiye campaign, we aim to inspire parents to actively participate in their child’s daily life and support their growth and development. We believe that every moment spent with a child is precious, and by being an active parent, one can make a world of difference in their child’s future.”

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NatureFresh is a homegrown brand by Cargill that has a product portfolio spanning multiple cooking oil variants – primarily Soyabean and Mustard oil, besides wheat flour (atta). With its superior product proposition and emotive brand stance, NatureFresh is set to become the preferred choice for consumers across North and East regions of India.

The new packs are available to consumers across online and retail stores in Delhi, UP, Jharkhand and Bihar.


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