Every new year comes with a plethora bounties and new wayforwards for every person present on the surface. Café Coffee Day came up with new range of beverage ‘OMG’ menu. It is a selected enlisted range which has been curated with infusion of global trends and in-house speciality. It boasts of a range that is in line with global trends and brings to the customer, innovative twists.

Strengthening the beverage menu are innovative takes on old favourites like the Spiced Americano and the Iced Chai Latte which will be seen for the first time in India. Hot Velvet and Cold Velvet coffees which are part of the new menu are inspired by theDalgona Coffee that was trending globally. And Coffee Jelly is offered as an add-on to the existing beverages.The menu offers a huge range of snacks and food options that make for great coffee pairings.

The list is filled with desserts and snacks like garlic bread with scrumptious bread topped with paneer and toppings. The old ruff and tuff rolls has been shelved back on popular demand and chocolate muffins are again ready to take you all on gastronomic adventure.

The menu also incorporates new products for the ever-expanding health conscious consumer base. In-keeping with its market leader position, the brand has pioneered in bringing home global trends such as Lemon green coffee. High on antioxidants and also considered a metabolism-boosting super food, this will be offered for the first time in the country. The spiced vegan coffee is an innovation that is sure to delight the vegan patrons.

Vinay Bhopatkar, CEO, Café Coffee Day,said, “We are very excited about the launch of the new menu. It has been a result of deep consumer understanding and key trends that would play a major role in redefining the future of food and beverages being offered in cafes. Our passion has always been coffee innovation and the new menu boasts of innovations at very high levels.”

The new ‘OMG’ range is now available at every outlet across India, one can go and grab to rejoice.


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