In its most recent announcement, Café Coffee Day (CCD) has informed about its pet-friendly initiative of allowing pets into its outlets. Protracting these attempts, CCD is advancing one step ahead this holiday season. The café chain is planning special Christmas parties for pet lovers, pet owners and their animal-enthusiast friends. The 2-day festival titled ‘Pawsome Christmas’ has been scheduled for 19th and 20th December, at CCD’s Indiranagar and Cunningham Road outlets. Unable to enjoy any celebrations this year due to the ongoing pandemic, customers will get a chance via these events to celebrate the holiday season with loved ones and pets.

Café Coffee Day (CCD)

The events will be full of a number of attractions starting from a selfie corner to a magnificently decorated Christmas tree and will offer distinct culinary delights for pets sponsored by The Doggy Bakery. The Pawsome Christmas parties have been created to spoil pets with a fun Santa Claus who will amplify the season of fun and festivities.

Commenting upon the notion behind this initiative, Vinay Bhopatkar, CEO of Café Coffee Day stated- “CCD has always been about unifying people to frame new memorable experiences over coffee. Over the last few months we have worked towards transforming cafes with outdoor spaces pet friendly so that our consumers can share these experiences with their pets too. We are delighted to provide this one-of-a-kind service this holiday season.”

The company decides to establish a robust pet community by converting its cafés to be a pet friendly one. Further, these start-ups will encourage the community of avid pet lovers who desire to spend time outdoors with their pets but lack too many choices to select from. They are compelled to leave their pets at home while they go out. The brand provides an environment where they can relax and spend an undisturbed and pleasurable day with their other pet-loving friends.

The company has been implementing a 360-degree approach to safety and hygiene to all its functional processes and has also made sure that all its partners are complying with similar norms.


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