Mondelez India’s archetypal firm Cadbury 5Star comes up with with yet another unusual drive that amalgamates the extravagance and technology while exemplifying the brands prevailing ‘Do Nothing’ manifesto. In collaboration with Google and planned by Ogilvy, the brand is elevating its game a level higher by unveiling the ‘5Star Do Nothing Assistant’, the first-ever AI that assists you do nothing.

While most mobile assistant aids you to become increasingly productive, the 5Star Do Nothing mode on your android device with Google Assistant gives you wider perspective and does the real contrary. All you require to do is, say “Ok Google, eat a 5Star” so as to get your Google Assistant to lean back, relax, and inspire you also to do nothing.

Cadbury 5Star

The AI incorporates 100s of inbuilt responses and is instructed to answer any question asked by you with an impertinent response compelling you re-think your plans and ponder if you are better off in just not doing anything.

Talking about the most recent campaign and endeavour, Anil Viswanathan, senior director, marketing (chocolates), insights and analytics, Mondelez India stated- “Cadbury 5Star has always been at the core of our nation’s youth culture through its avant-garde initiatives and unconventional narratives entwined into similar scenarios. With the ‘Do Nothing’ drive, our aim has been to elicit some light-hearted relaxation in harsh times and recapitulate the most significant message of the present i.e. to loosen up and have a break. We are taking this a step further with our recent collaboration with the Google Assistant to design a chucklesome and chocolaty experience for our target audience, bolster our consumer relationships and further disseminate our brand message. This initiation is a manifestation of 5Star’s brand identity of being intelligent and unique which is ideally in resonance with Gen Z who is increasingly getting disposed towards all things tech.”

Sukesh Nayak, chief creative officer, Ogilvy India, informed- “Present day’s digitally native youth are always eager to pack more into their day and AI assistants aid them to become multitasking and do more. However, sometimes it is also necessary to just chill. So, we assisted people to do just lean back and relax. Say “Ok Google. Eat a 5Star” and step into the ‘Do Nothing Mode’ and then get delighted by the Google Assistant helping you to do nothing.  Responses to most frequently asked questions are available in this mode. So, you can try it once and luxuriate in doing nothing.”

The introduction of the initiative will be backed by a 360-degree communication stratagem, create to motivate the youth to get a first-hand experience of the most recent characteristic at the back of digital films, radio, social media and influencer-run activations.



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