Burger King Introduced a brand new Menu with major add-ons and new pop-ups even taking on other major giants. This new menu will always be in stock and will be served 24*7 with similar taste as brand promises.

The Stunner Menu consists of vegetarian and egg products, like the new Tikki Twist, new Makhani Burst & King Egg Burgers, new Crispy Veg Wrap, new Peri Peri Rice Bowl, and new Veg Crunchy Volcano, all at Rs. 50 each. While the non-vegetarian menu includes Crispy Chicken & new Makhani Burst Burgers, new Crunchy Chicken Volcano, new Crispy Chicken & King Egg Wraps, all at Rs. 70 each.

Kapil Grover, chief marketing officer at Burger King India, said, “The Stunner Menu was created with thorough market research, keeping the current guest needs in mind. The guest expectation for ‘value for money’ is paramount in the current macros and our new Rs. 50 Stunner Menu is designed to deliver the same.”

“We are especially excited about the fact that we have new product formats, as well as new flavours in this menu. We will continue to build the Stunner Menu in times to come, as it represents our strategic pillar of value leadership in the QSR industry.”

This daunting menu is launched by Burger King in order to register its neck-to-neck clash with market rivals. The Tikki Twist tackles McDonald’s McAloo Tikki, the Volcano goes head-to-head tacos from Taco Bell and the rice bowl had traditionally been KFC’s offering.

Burger King is a market leadinh brand that took its shape in 1954 and currently holds second rank in world serving world class hamburgers and other offerings. Burger King is real house of Whoppers bestowing grandeur of signature taste and ever new blooming recipes. The hospitality we experience with our bonhomies is the real spirit of the brand that makes it what it is.


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