Brenntag, the global market leader in chemicals and ingredients distribution has recently announced a distribution agreement for the U.S. and Canada with United-Guardian for NATRAJEL, its line of specialty polymers developed specifically for the sexual wellness market, featuring a skin-activated, moisture matrix technology that provides hydration, lubrication and sensory enhancement to water-based formulations.

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North American consumers have become more comfortable discussing the topic of sexual wellness and are starting to see it as part of their holistic approach to overall wellbeing, resulting in an increased demand for clean and luxurious products to care for intimate areas of the body. The NATRAJEL line are non-irritating, COSMOS-certified hydrogels that can be used in all types of sexual wellbeing formulations –
including lubricants, intimate wipes and washes and solutions for vaginal dryness, which align with the needs of clean beauty consumers.

Brenntag Specialties will debut United-Guardian’s NATRAJEL hydrogels for sexual wellness at California SCC Supplier’s Day in Long Beach, California on October 25 and 26, highlighting the NATRAJEL line in new personal lubricant, intimate wash and soothing serum formulas to align with Clean Beauty and Sexual Wellness trends.

Maia Navarrete, Senior Director Personal Care Americas at Brenntag Specialties, stated – “Brenntag is excited to launch the NATRAJEL line developed by United-Guardian for our customers who are looking for safe and effective solutions to unmet consumer needs related to sexual health as a part of their whole-body wellness routine. We’ve seen a surge in demand for natural and sustainable options and more innovation in the space beyond the standard options typically available in the intimate care and family planning aisles. This partnership with United-Guardian will allow us to meet those needs.”

Donna Vigilante, President of United-Guardian, added – “We are excited to begin our partnership with Brenntag and look forward to the NATRAJEL line being introduced to their sexual wellness customers. The NATRAJEL line was developed to provide the sexual wellness market with natural, COSMOS-approved ingredients. The NATRAJEL line offers formulators an innovative way to include hydration, lubrication, sensory enhancement and texture to finished formulations.”


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