Brenntag, the global market leader in chemicals and ingredients distribution, today announced the opening of operations of its new Material Science Innovation & Application Center in Lille, France, located in the heart of Arteparc, the first business park in the metropolitan area fully based on circular economy and renewable energies.

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The facility will focus on research and development for CASE & Construction applications. Dedicated Brenntag experts will provide customers and suppliers with concepts and prototype developments, customized formulation support, technical solutions and stability studies for a broad range of applications. Brenntag chose Lille for the new Innovation & Application Center due to its proximity to many suppliers and customers in the CASE & Construction industry in the region.

The Innovation & Application Center in Lille is the latest addition to Brenntag Specialties’ global network of industry-focused centers that share best practices, knowledge, and insights and deliver value added services to customers and business partners.

“The opening of the Lille Center is a further step to execute Brenntag’s ‘Strategy to Win’ by building capabilities and offering innovative services to the regional and global CASE & Construction industries. Brenntag Specialties acts as an important link between our customers and suppliers to bring innovation closer to the marketplace. The new center is a great addition to the strong network of now already 17 CASE and Construction Innovation & Application Centres globally and 7 in the EMEA region,” stated Christian Frimann, President Material Science Brenntag Specialties EMEA.

“Lille is an ideal location for our Innovation & Application Center, given its thriving ecosystem of R&D partners, technology providers and talent,” stated Richard Hobson, Innovations & Applications Director CASE & Construction Brenntag Specialties EMEA. “The work we do here will result in state-of-the-art sustainable solutions for the CASE and Construction industry.”


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