It always adds up to our concern that which kind if adhesive are suitable to use and propagate, which adhesive is long lasting and interfering minimally with the food that is packed inside. Bostik group has come directly to make a product that swifts smoothly alongside expectations.

Bostik introduced a pressure sensitive and hot-melt Withstanding product named as Bostik food Touch H18 and annotated it as Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives (HMPSAs).

Series, strictly complies with all the local regulations, including GB9685-2016, the Standard for the Uses of Additives in Food Contact Materials and Articles in China. GB9685-2016 sets a positive list of additives that can be used to produce various food contact materials and articles as well as their use scope and restrictions.

Offering a substantially wide temperature brackets it is a handy experience to use it because of its properties of decimal interference and little or no residues on food items.

Product has a particular ability to tack well, stick well and preform well which sheer is applied giving it a potential to work well even in semi-freeze conditions. Akin all other available products product has firm makeup providing it die-cut, matrix stripping ability without haloing and curling.

Tackiness also provided an edge over other proudcts because it is able to work while on long distance transportationtransportation.

Jina Wu, business director for Tape and Label, Asia Pacific, Bostik, said, “The launch of Food Touch H18 comes at a time where consumers are putting more value in the food they consume. This is why food labels are important, as they convey useful information to the consumers. As such, label manufacturers need to ensure that the labels they use do not fall off, have a well-balanced initial tack, peel and most importantly, are compliant with international standards for food safety. At Bostik, we strive to provide smart solutions to help our customers meet consumers’ needs. Through Food Touch H18, we will continue that momentum to maintain the high standards of their produce labels.”


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